Wednesday, September 4, 2013

In the Spotlight: The Second Year Running the Gauntlet (The Sturgis Diaries) by Brandie Buckwine

If Cam’s first trip to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally was an awakening, her second trip could only be called eye-opening. Even though she knows better, Cam just can’t help chasing her libido – right into hell. But relying on Dylan to save her every time she finds trouble isn’t fair to him. Is it?

Cam starts her second trip to Sturgis with a bang. A gang bang, that is. Even though she’s fantasized about it for years, her first shot at group sex dies an embarrassing death. Her second shot is even worse. Will the third time be the charm, or will Cam run out of chances with her gang of rowdy bikers? While she might just pull it off, it could also be the one thing that pushes Dylan away, for good.

I absolutely loved this story just as much as book 1. Brandie's cast of characters are down right sexy as hell. Cam is back and hornier then ever but her dream of a gang bang isn't what she thought it would be, the description was so amazing during this scene I felt like I was there. Dylan is sexier than ever..just as protective as ever and just as badass as ever. As the story continues Cam searches for the elusive orgasm and flirts and teases until it bites her in the ass...The story brings you up, it's flirty and sexy and brings you down with lessons learned, I love that in a story. Brandie's story was a amazingly written and Keeps you wanting more, I can't wait for book 3, I want more Cam and Dylan.

5 huge stars

From a very young age, Brandie has written stories in her head, having hundreds of hours to fill as she traveled the world with her parents. While reading took up a great deal of her time, day dreaming and creating characters with exciting tales to tell took up more. Unable to fight the inevitable, a few years ago Brandie started writing out her stories to share with others. She writes under several pen names in the romance/erotica genre.

At home in the center of the U.S., Brandie fills the role of Super Mom, raising three children on her own. Unlike their mother, her children are normal, well-functioning people. She hopes that one day, when all her stories are told, she can join them in the real world.