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Sanctuary of Mine by S. Pratt
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Thank you Shelly for touching on a subject that many don't. In the society that we live in this disease runs rampant. It's a breath of fresh air to read a book based on subject that seems to get swept under the rug.

My heart broke for Mackenzie but she was real and raw and vulnerable. Tyler was something. This I mean in the very best of ways. Tyler is amazing and sweet and perfect! He sees the signs (having lost a love one to this horrific disease) and sees something in Mackenzie that wrenches his heart and makes him want to take care of her. I love that he didn't force a change down her throat but cared about her and wanted her regardless, despite the disease.

It was warm, gut wrenching and downright wonderful!

Thank you Shelly, for writing such a beautiful story that will hopefully make others think.

Testing Fate by Belinda Boring
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I'm a huge massive fan of this series and each one gets better and better. The Mystic Wolves series is one of my all time favorite paranormal series.

Testing Fate has reduced me to tears, laughter and more tears. We left off with Forget Me Not that completely and utterly left me in a up roar by the end where Mason, Darcy and Devlin are transported to another place. 

Testing Fate immediately starts off exactly where it left off. Darcy, Mason as well as my very favorite vampire Devlin having to go on a 'mission' of sorts to test their actual bonding as mates. They are put through the wringer with each test. Here's the beauty of this roller coaster ride, it almost reads like a poem if this makes any sense at all. The story is woven so absolutely perfectly and you can't help but feel that you're apart of their journey. It's emotional, heartfelt and Bels kills me at the end.

I already loved Mason, but Testing Fate made me love him all the more.

There's a reason that Belinda Boring is known as the Queen of Swoon, there's no shortage of it in Testing Fate. There should be no question as to if you should read it. It's a pick up and devour story that will leave you gasping, crying and flailing your arms by the end, or pounding the pavement to her front door. Just know that whatever is in store for our very favorite couple it's sure to be good!

Bad Things by Melissa Brown
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It's been a week since I finished this book and I'm still thinking about it. Holy crap Tristan!

From the very first introduction of Tristan and the banter that went back and forth between him and Danika I was sold and a Tristan fan for life. He's not perfect, but have you ever met a man that is? They do not exist and imperfections in a man make the 'man' in the story, at least for me, all the more real.

Danika is a real girl. I liked her sassy attitude and the fact she was trying so very hard not to repeat past mistakes. She was desperate to have a family of her own and the family she lives with provided the stability that she so desperately craved.

The chemistry between these two is off the charts hot!

I loved all of the character's we get to meet and get to know along the way. I laughed at the banter, got angry at some things and I cried my eyes out. I was taken on an emotional roller coaster with Tristan and Danika and one I didn't want to get off of. I'm excited for their next journey and all that R.K. Lilley has in store for us!!. 

Picturing Perfect by Melissa Brown
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I couldn't put this book down, I loved it that much. 

Hadley is in a relationship with a guy who shall remain nameless that I couldn't stand from the moment he opened his mouth. He's self serving and an all around douchebag. Yeah, I said it. He may be successful but his personality is lacking big time. I adored Hadley and what she stood for. She's a character that had depth, morals and values. She's someone that I could relate to at different times throughout the book.

Have you ever read a book that described a man that possessed every single quality you could ever possibly want? Well let me tell you, Jason Kelley is that guy. He's sweet, patient, kind, dorky hot (which is the way I like them, I kid not)  selfless, compassionate and is seriously one of my favorite leading men. This is the kind of guy I go for. 

Melissa Brown takes us on an emotional journey with Hadley. We go through each month of her trimester with her. The ups and downs as well as the everyday things in life we sometimes are forced to face.

All of these characters were true to life, had depth and each had their own cross to bear. I found myself laughing, crying and feeling each and every person's 'self discovery'. 

Fantastic book Melissa Brown. You seriously made this girl's night. Yes, I read it in one sitting. I relate to books that are more real and true to life. I always find a way to take something away from it, something to think about and ponder. Can't wait for the next one!!

Jet by Jay Crownover

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I knew this was going to be a good read I had no doubts considering I loved the first book about Rule. I was curious about Jet in the last book. I don't know, I guess you could say he spoke to me... The Author made him his own and he was completely different then Rule, I am certainly a Jet fan.

I love Ayden and her country roots. I love her take no crap, strong and a good head on her shoulders attitude and the way she is perceived by others. However, we all hide things we don't want others to see and sometimes perceptions are just that, perceptions. Ayden has a past she doesn't want others to see. She's afraid that those she cares most about most won't be able to except her and think differently of her. I know we've all felt that way at some point and time. We work so hard at trying to be different that by doing that we begin to lose a little of ourselves while trying to keep up the masquerade. Essentially that's what that is. We can all learn to change and be different people but there has to be a balance. And there are things and mistakes we would all like to forget about. But there can always be an even medium. We can still be who we are from our past and mix them together with who we are and want to be today.

Jet has things he worries about as well and is a lot more then meets the eye. His rock god status stays on stage and he is still the guy that worries about his mother and his future. He still has a thing for Ayden even though they are roommates. All these girls he lets in like a revolving door he realizes will never be her. Deciding to take things easy, they start out as only sex buddies, hoping this will be enough. Obviously this isn't how it stays and feelings emerge that are beyond what they both expected or are willing to admit.

The Author brings up the importance of family and sometimes it doesn't mean blood relation. With both characters having things that they need to come to terms with with their past and their growing feelings that they have been so unwilling to accept. It's a series with relatable characters that we can all identify with on some level.

To the Author, thank you for writing a series that is so so hot but written so tastefully that makes me want to find me a tattooed, pierced and funky haired man of my own. I love the female leads in this series that are 'normal' dressed girls but see past a look with no judgment. It's a great series that I look forward to. I am seriously looking forward to the next!!

Kissing Fire by A.M. Hargrove
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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First I want to start by saying that Anne is freaking hysterical. I laughed out loud at some of the antics and dialogue throughout the book. Second thank you so much for writing a story about a girl that's not a flippin pencil! I like to read about real woman that get the hot, muscled and successful man. So thank you Anne!!

Okay, so I've already established that Avery is normal, (let the choir sing) but she's also a bit quirky and has some 'normal' ways about her. She talks too fast when she's nervous, drops food on her clothes, (like I do) and she is very self-consious about her weight. Hey, we could be talking about me here. I may have identified with the lead a little too much. But that's a good thing, right? I like Avery, and thank you for writing a character that could be so much like me! Lol

If you've read the first two books you'll know immediately what's going on, if not like I hadn't, it wasn't a problem. It gives you enough back story to the last book that there's no confusion.

Preston has some demons from some of his past undercover work that keeps him from getting close to the right woman. Something ignites in him when he meets Avery and he undoubtedly ends up having to place her in protective custody with him. The more time is spent with each other,the easier it gets for Preston to let his guard down and the more passion ignites. And honey there is passion!

I don't want to give any spoilers away, I don't do that! If you want a fun, sweet and laugh out loud read then this is for you! We have a hot musceled man that's hot for the 'normal' girl, a boisterous best friend that will put tears in your eyes from her shenanigans and a sweet love story that will have you aching to be in Avery's place.

Great read by A.M. Hargrove!! 

4 out of 5 stars from me

Bitter Angel by Megan Hand
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Two choices, one could send you in one path and the other could send you on a completely different one. Each one having dire consequences. What would you do if you woke up having lived an actual nightmare? This is Lila's story.

I love Lila for several different reasons. One, she's a strong female lead and two she already has a good relationship with her boyfriend Jay. It was so nice to start a book where the girl and guy were already an established couple. She also has two best friends that she lives with at college. 

When Jay first arrives on the scene he seemed a little off to me. In fact I was thinking something completely different and negative about him. Then the Author explains his back story and we delve into his past on a deeper level. We find out why he is the way he is and that in actuality, is a very good guy that loves Lila deeply.

Lila being the kind of person she is does everything to stop the nightmare from either happening to her, her friends or to others. She's willing to put herself on the line in order to save everyone. 

This book kept me guessing and never knowing exactly what was going to happen. I love being wrong and hate the predictable. The Author wove a story for us that is so unlike anything out there right now. It was a breath of fresh air. Great book by Megan Hand, read it, you won't regret it! 

Sins & Needles (The Artists Trilogy, #1)
Sins & Needles by Karina Halle
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Here is a book that was nothing like I thought it was going to be. But in a most excellent way!

Ellie is on the run. The poor girl's been brought up to swindle and cheat people. Having parents that brought her up in this life style, she continues on the path as she gets older. She also had something tragic happen that left a scar. In opinion, she is scarred on the outside as well as the inside. My heart ached for her. I know she's a con but you couldn't help but have empathy for her.

Cam was upon a time the best friend to her from high school. Unfortunately, due to a falling out, things got ugly and they go their separate ways. Not without some issues and instances happening...

Ellie returns home only to kindle something that she didn't know was there. Cam looks different. He's hot, this Cam.

Cam and Ellie come to blows in the con department, but then each end up needing each other desperately. Things happen and ensue and you are literally taken for a ride.

Karina did something so very cool. She not only tells Ellie's story from the present, but she also gives us quiet a glimpse into her past. She did it so perfectly.

I am anxiously awaiting the next book. The cliff hanger was a killer!

Metamorphosis (Book Boyfriend, #1)Metamorphosis by Erin Noelle
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
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Scarlett and Evie are best friends who are finally off to college. Scarlett is a virgin and is ready to give it up and comes for a very strict household.

In one moment Scar's saying, "Why does it have to special and planned." But in the next, she's saying she wants it to be special. For me it grew a little tiresome. Scarlett finds herself with multiple guys craving for her attention. Do I have my favorite? Well, duh!

This was a good book, that I read fairly fast. I LOVED the book boyfriend's that were referenced through out. It made me giddy to have some of my favorites listed!

I think the thing that bothered me the most about it, was how easily Scarlett was ready to "give" it up, to anyone and how often she gave it up.

There's a spot in it that had me bawling my eyes out, that I had a feeling was coming. It was heart wrenching.

However, with all of this being said. I still had to know what happened, who she ended up with or if she would pick someone.

Will I read the next book? You betcha! I have to know what happens with Scarlett!!

Wait for You (Wait for You, #1)Wait for You by J. Lynn
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Let me first start by saying that I'm ticked beyond belief that I didn't read this book when it first came out. I mean, completely irritated with myself.

It is amazeballs!!!

I was immersed from page one and didn't want it to end. I absolutely adored Cam. He is funny, smart and just an all around absolutely amazing guy.

Avery, I felt a connection with from the get go and I just "got" her. Not to say I wasn't ready to smack her a time or two, but you finally do understand the hesitation.

Ok, so back to Cam. Wowizowie batman! He is the perfect book boyfriend. He is so damn funny, sweet and thoughtful!!

The dialogue flowed seamlessly, it was absolute perfection. No question for me if this was a 5 star. None, nada. I was angry when I finished it as fast as I did. I devoured it.

If you haven't read it, you are so missing out!!

Find You in the Dark (Find You in the Dark, #1)Find You in the Dark by A. Meredith Walters
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Fantastic, beautifully written, BRILLIANT book!! This is the first book in the series. There are not enough words to say about a book that discusses mental diseases and portrays it as accurately as this book did.

We meet Maggie who is just a normal high school student, who one day meets Clay, the new kid. Clay comes across as brash and rough. Quickly we learn that there are several different layers to him. There's something about Clay that makes Maggie want to be near him and goes out of her way to become his friend. Clay suffers from several different mental disorders, one being bi-polar.

The Author takes us on an incredible and insightful journey about mental illness's. It's as accurate as it can be. We learn what it means to have it, how it is to live with it and what it takes to love someone with it.

Truly, truly an amazing book that everyone should read. The Author also paints a picture of a girl who loves a boy so unconditionally and with all of his faults, that she's willing to give up a piece of herself.

There are not enough words to describe how much I loved this book. Truly spectacular!!

Light in the Shadows (Find You in the Dark, #2)Light in the Shadows by A. Meredith Walters
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Now if I thought the first book was utterly spectacular, than hold on, the 2nd book blew my expectations out of the water. This is the follow up to Find You in The Dark and it is amazing!!

Clay and Maggie having broken up in the last book, never forgetting about one another. Through the chaos of their lives and everything that transpired, they still remain faithful and full of love for one another.

This is a book about letting go, forgiveness, finding your way back to one another and getting well. At least as well as you can, with mental disorder.

Stupendous sequel to an already brilliant first book. You can't help but fall in love with Clay and Maggie and root for them all the way. Kudos to the Author for showing us and opening our eyes to a topic rarely discussed and for doing so, so very accurately!!

I cried, I laughed and I cried some more. Thank you to Walters for giving us some closure. That was surprising awesome to read!!

Buy, read it because you will fall in love with almost every character in this book. It's impossible not too.

Haven from the Storm (Storms of Life #1)Haven from the Storm by Sarah Dosher
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My first thought when I finished this book was, WOW. What a fantastic first book that is written so incredibly well. Let me start by saying that I have a thing for books that discuss hard topics. I like a read that gives you something to think about and takes you to a place that most do not.

Lilly has been through hell and back. Her mother and brother died in a tornado and she is left to fend for herself with her father. Dean is the boy she loved as a child and still harbors feelings for. Lilly's father is horrific. She hides away in her room and only comes in or out when he's not home. Lilly is as strong as they come. She never complains, or asks for help and takes it day by day just waiting until she can leave the small town and her father behind. Lilly has many layers to her. She's sweet and kind and rolls with the punches. If only we could all have a little Lilly in us all...

Dean never once forgot about Lilly but has come back to town to take her back and to beg for her forgiveness knowing that they truly belong together. Dean is a hunk. He is sweet, genuine and remorseful. He takes responsibility for his actions and doesn't waste time telling Lilly exactly how he feels.

Adley is Lilly's best friend whom you can't help but fall in love with right off of the bat. She has Lilly's back and would fight tooth n' nail for her.

Violet is Dean's Grandmother and matriarch of the story. To me she was the heart and the glue. She is a spitfire of a lady that tells it like it is but loves fiercely and unconditionally.

What a powerful read that deals with the topic of physical, verbal and emotional abuse. It's a story also about love and family. I am so proud to have had the chance to be an ever so small part of this journey with Sarah. It's a fantastic read that I didn't want to put down. It was over before I knew it and I seriously can not wait to see what else Sarah has up her sleeve...

Suicide NoteSuicide Note by Teresa Mummert
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Ok, so I am a HUGE Teresa Mummert fan so I knew going in it was going to be wonderful. However, it blew my expectations out of the water.

Have you ever read a book and completely identified with the lead female so completely that you could have been her? Have you ever doubted yourself or questioned and asked, "What is wrong with me?" Certainly we have all done this. I know I have.

Jenn is the most believable character that everyone can relate too. she is caring and sweet and career driven. There was not one thing about her I didn't like. And she wasn't over the top either. She is what I deem as "normal". She is right out of a horrible breakup with what I call a sleeze ball and a sister that was just as bad in my opinion with parents I wanted to strangle.

Then we meet Shane who is in the military and goes on leave for a couple of weeks. Shane comes across tough as nails but in reality is lonely. Having been dumped by a woman who couldn't take his career choice he decides to visit with his cousin's family while on leave. This is where he meets Jenn.

We see two people unaware that they need each other and build a foundation of friendship. We see a natural progression with these two and you can't help fall in love with both of them. It was a beautifully written story and one I couldn't help but fall in love with.

This book has heart and soul. It will make you laugh and send a few tears down your face. It will give you some major insight into military couples that go through this kind of thing every day. It's as real as it gets. Read it because Teresa Mummert delivers and you will not be disappointed!!

If You Stay (Beautifully Broken, #1)If You Stay by Courtney Cole
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When I first read the synopsis I was hooked to say the least. I immediately went searching for it only to find that it wasn't out yet. However, I was soon blessed with a copy. Thank you Courtney Cole, I love you forever!! To say I jumped up and down would be a complete understatement. Yeah, I did. Don't judge!

I absolutely loved this book. LOVED!! I felt every sense of emotion placed into each one of these characters. Whether it be Pax, Mila, Maddy & even Pax's father. It felt like a personal story to me and it reflected in the book.

There are very few stories that immediately capture me from the very first page. The minute I started If You Stay I was pulled into a story that was raw and gritty and had a lead character that you loved to hate. However, there is a reason for everything...

Pax and Mila "find" each other and not in the best of circumstances to say the last. Horrific in fact, but there is an undeniable pull that goes beyond attraction. Through the whole book we go from despising to falling in love with Pax. Pax we find out has his own reasons for why he was "damaged" so to speak as well as repressed demons to deal with that make you feel for him. More than feel, ache for him.

Mila is a care taker at heart and a girl who likes to "fix" or "save" things. Courtney never went over board with Mila's character. She kept her nice and steady and completely believable. She was never annoying and wasn't judgmental. She excepted Pax for who he was and wanted to help him but never forced him to do anything. she loved unconditionally.

Courtney tells a tale and weaved it perfectly. I cried and there were so many sweet and tender moments. Not to mention some very hot and steamy scenes that had my fanning myself. No joke. Written to perfection.

I have several favorite quotes:

"Love Never Fails"

"But it you stay with me, if you stay... I promise that I will never leave you again.I will never shut you out again. I'll put in the work and I'll fix what was broken."

"All I want to know is what can I do to make you stick with me again? You name it and I'll do it. Anything."

I laughed and I cried as I read this book. My heart broke for characters that I came to know and love and I certainly wasn't ready for it to end. To say that I was happy to find out that we would get to read Maddy's story next, which is what I was hoping for would be an understatement.

I whole heartedly give this book 5 stars. It exceeded my expectations and gave me something to think about. Those are my favorite books to read. When I finish and walk away and I am still thinking about it long after I have finished. Then the Author had done and exceeded with what she set out to do!

This is a book that will keep you entertained, make you fall in love with the characters and take you on a roller coaster ride chock full of emotions. Highly recommend!!

How It Rolls (Love and Skate, #2)How It Rolls by Lila Felix
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How it Rolls was a book I was highly anticipating. Was it worth the wait and did it exceed my expectations? Oh yeah and so much more...

I adored Falcon from Love & Skate and couldn't wait for his story. Falcon is absolutely perfect. He is the care taker of the family. Nellie's best friend and the "suit" of the family. He rocks is awesome Mohawk while wearing converse shoes and his suit. Yes an actual suit, not his birthday suit. Get your head out of the gutter.

Reed is a beautiful, orange haired and too thin girl who catches Falcon's eye quickly. Reed is hiding a few secrets that she is embarrassed and not ready to spill.

True to the Black Family way they take Reed into their home and into their hearts. Reed finds a family that she hasn't known in a long time.

However, nothing is ever perfect when there are secrets involved...

Lila's books are a breath of fresh air. There aren't a lot in this genre being written anymore. How awesome is it that you can always trust to know that her books are suitable for the YA audience? From page 1 she grabs your attention and you have to make yourself put it down. I know I must sound like a broken record because I say this every dang time. She sets the scene and you live it with these characters. I am invested in the Black family and will follow them wherever they may lead.

VAINVAIN by Fisher Amelie
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Here's the deal. I hate reading a review and it spoils the whole book for you. I'm not going to do that. This is a book to experience completely. No spoilers here folks...

First of all I LOVE this book. When it finally comes out on paperback I will buy this book. I felt so many emotions while reading this. HUGE props to Fisher for writing such a fantastic story. It was unlike anything I had ever read and was completely different then what I thought it was going to be. Simply outstanding!

Sophie is as VAIN as they come. She is hot to trot and she knows it and so does everyone else. She rules the roost and Sophie gets into a bit of a pickle. Things happen and she is removed so to speak. We get a complete understanding of Sophie. Why she is the way she is and how she thinks and how it is possible for people to change if they really want to.

Ian is the guy she meets while away. Oh, Ian. Everyone must have an Ian. He was that wonderful. Read it and you will see...

This is not your average story and went beyond my wildest dreams. It has heart and soul and will take you on a journey of self discovery. This is the best way for me to describe it.

Already my favorite book of 2013. I understand it's still early, however it's going take one hell of a book to top this one!

The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden (The Coincidence, #1)The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden by Jessica Sorensen
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I absolutely loved this book hard. I loved the Secret of Ella and Micah but this blew it out of the water for me. Yes, it's that good!

Callie isn't quiet like all the other 18 year old girls. She's been hiding a secret. A horrible, horrific dark secret that happened at the age of 12 and keeps her from having any relationships with people. Oh sweet Callie. I wanted to literally throw my arms around her shoulders and never let her go. She never had an adult she felt she could confide in so she harbors this horrible secret all by herself.

Kayden is the star football player and has really never noticed Callie. But then one fateful night changes everything. One night at a party she catches Kayden being given a beat down by someone very close to him and she intervenes. Consequences be damned. Kayden also has some secrets of his own and how he deals with his pain...

Callie is strong whether she knows it or not. Anybody would have to be to have kept this secret to herself and lived with it without going crazy.

Kayden quickly became a favorite and my heart broke for him. How do you know your self worth if you are never told that you are good? That you can do things remarkably well and that you aren't always a screw up?

Jessica Sorensen continues to amaze me. She makes you feel and root for these characters. My only complaint was the very last page... It ended way to soon for me and I am in anticipation for book 2!!

We learn so many different things in this book. Things that aren't normally talked about or recognized. We have two different people with two different family lives

Anew (The Archers of Avalon, #1)Anew by Chelsea Fine
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
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I loved this book! What a great and fun story. The writing is sweet, fun and flirty. You get caught up instantly in Scarlet's life and the secrets of her past and why she has amnesia. You are instantly hooked!

There are several different characters that keep you completely entertained. You've got Gabriel and Tristan who are hot as haites and different from night and day and a best friend named Heather that keeps you laughing. I myself am I complete Tristan fan!!

It's a completely different story and unlike anything I've ever read. A great YA book to be proud of!

Awry (The Archers of Avalon, #2)Awry by Chelsea Fine
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
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Fantastic second book in the series! Just when you think you've got this story all figured out BAM there she goes again. I believe Awry I enjoyed even better if that's even possible. ;) The writing got better and the characters even more so developed. Heather became funnier and the guys even hotter! You really start to care about these characters.

I read this book in two seconds flat, it was that good! I found myself laughing out load several times. The banter cracked me up.

If you are looking for a great YA series that has a different approach to things and keeps things clean with a little bit of steam then this is for you. Perfect read for anyone of all ages!!

The Secret of Ella and Micha (The Secret, #1)The Secret of Ella and Micha by Jessica Sorensen
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I didn't get to read this when it first came out but oh my gosh what a great read! Ella is from a poor community who left her life to become what she deems to be "better". Leaving it all and never turning back to attend College in Las Vegas. We meet Lila who has roomed with her for the last 8 months and who has gotten to know a different Ella.

Returning back home with Lila in tow seems hard and impossible. She is so afraid of becoming the person she used to be. Coming back home also means seeing Micah. Micah, her next door neighbor & her best friend growing up as well as the man she grew to love.

I loved Micah and that darn lip ring. The chemistry between these two was off the charts and burning on the page...

These characters have a complexity to them as well as a realness. With a dark past and situations left beyond their control they prove that living poor does not define who you are and that sometimes it's ok to just let go.

I am so looking forward to the next book and it couldn't get here any sooner for me.

HopelessHopeless by Colleen Hoover
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Ok, so I had heard that something happens in this book. It's not something it's somethings that happen. I am still processing and thinking about this...

Colleen is an exceptional writer. She made you feel things that you didn't even want to feel in this book. How do I explain myself. Please bare with me. It was a hard read, for me at least.

The true test of an exceptional writer is when you can feel every freaking thing that happens in a book. EVERYTHING! As well as remember and think about it long after you have finished it. I don't want to go into detail with it either. It deals with hard subject matter that had me reeling several different times throughout.

Let me just say that my heart physically ached for Sky. I literally felt physical pain for her. I felt for Holder and his loss.

Never have I read a book that affected me like Hopeless did. I have felt conflicted about writing this review. I don't ever want to sway anyone from reading a book, ever. Having said that, just know that things happen in life. Real things that happen every day that we may or may not be aware of. Horrible, horrific and cruel things....

I'm sorry if this review isn't helpful. But it's honest and from the heart and hit me like a ton of bricks.

SilencedSilenced by RaeBeth McGee-Buda
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
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Silenced is about a girl named Amber who has just found out that the father she always assumed was her father is in fact not. In order to cope with this she cuts herself. Her family up and moves her away to another town. There she meets Casey who befriends her. Amber also decides to go on a search for her biological father.

Casey went too hot n' cold for me. I know there were reasons for it but I just could not at all connect with her, period. Amber's mother drove me absolutely batty. I understand being over protective to a point but it was almost verging on crazy. I never felt a connection between Landon and Amber. They were intimate way too fast and the relationship was very rushed.

I liked the story and it was a quick and fast read. The only character I felt a connection to was with was Amber. On a complete positive note: RaeBeth did a FANTASTIC job of describing the need that Amber felt to cut herself. The darkness that would over take her and how she felt after. I'm not going to lie it was a little uncomfortable for me to read. However, having said that, it really does give great insight into the world of cutting. Because even if it's not spoken about, it does happen and more than we like to admit, as well as why girls cut themselves and some understanding behind it.

There were some twists and turns along the way. Some I saw coming and some I did not.

There will be a book 2 and I will read it. I need to see what happens and how and if things get resolved.

This is a hard subject matter to hear about but I give some major kudos to RaeBeth McGee-Buda for writing about it and helping us to understand it better...

Forever My Girl (The Beaumont, #1)Forever My Girl by Heidi McLaughlin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
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I was pleasantly surprised while reading this. Heidi is an exceptionally good writer especially for her first book. I also liked how she didn't wait to get to the meat of the story. No wasting time on inconsequential information that we don't need.

Right off the bat we meet Liam who is in need of a major life change. He goes back to his home town to attend a funeral of his late best friend that he had not seen in years. Liam had quit college to follow his dream of becoming a rock star. He left everyone he cared about. Best friend as well as his girl of his dreams that he planned on spending FOREVER with, Josie.

I seriously liked Josie. You felt her angst of should I, do I. You knew she still loved Liam and was trying so very desperately to move on.

Liam you honestly couldn't help but like because we got to see him become an "adult" so to speak. Decide what was important step up to the plate and to show a considerable amount of maturity. I loved that he took his time with Josie. He wanted to prove that he was around for the long hall and there was a considerable amount of time for them to get reacquainted and to learn to start trusting one another.

Major props to Heidi for her first book, very enjoyable and I am really looking forward to the next book in the Beaumont series.

Running On EmptyRunning On Empty by L.B. Simmons
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I figured L.B's book would be good but I just never imagined how good. She blew it out of the park and completely blew my expectations. I have thought about this book all day long.

Alex is a widow and a mother to 3 spitfire little girls (who completely remind me of some other children I know) and takes place 3 years after the death of her husband Derek. She has never moved on from his death, loving him completely still and hanging on to dear life. However, she is a quick witted loving mother who puts her kids first.
Alex has a pretty fantastic best friend by the name of Harlow that stole my heart. She is the kind of friend that everyone should have. Telling you things you need to hear even if it's hard for you to listen to. Everyone should have a Harlow.

Let me introduce Blake. Blake is tall dark and handsome motor cycle riding man of perfection. He and Alex were best friends when they were kids and has just come back in to town after so many years away. Their friendship fell a part years ago and was never resolved. They become friends again and resolve their past which is not something that is fixed over night, it is something they work on and not rushed.

The relationship and dynamic between Alex, Blake and the girls was so moving and heart warming. I COULD NOT GET ENOUGH!

I cried and then I laughed and then I cried and then I laughed. I repeated this process through the whole story. L.B did something truly amazing. She didn't over describe which was so damn refreshing. It was simplified if you will, not in a bad way but in a fantastic get to it and get to the meat of the story kind of way. No need for all the over descriptions throughout. This was a thought out book that flowed throughout and had the best dialogue I have read in a while. The best part is that it was so REAL.

This book is about friendships, family and love and learning that you can still love your past as well as your future. I could not recommend this book more and I truly walked away taking something from it.

Up to Me (The Bad Boys, #2)Up to Me by M. Leighton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
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I was spinning after reading this book. Down to You was awesome and one of my favorite reads from 2012, however Up to Me is twice as good and boy does she deliver.

Down to You is definitely an introduction compared to Up to Me. In Up to Me, Olivia is still unsure about her feelings towards Cash. Deep down I know she loves him but is so terrified of falling into old habits with the "bad" boys. At the end of Down to You I knew Cash was more than just a bad boy. There was a lot more to him than just that. We get to see his protective side towards Olivia and what he is willing to do to keep her safe.

Michelle takes us on an adventure. We gain a lot of insight into the organization his father was involved with and there are a crap load of twists and turns along the way.

I had several "Oh crap" moments. I was never expecting things to happen that happened. Never! I have NEVER been so surprised in a book before. I was messaging Michelle right after with, "what just happened?" Never saw it coming...

The dialogue between Cash, Olivia and Marissa is particularly funny. I laughed out loud I don't know how many times! One in particular she says," makes my butt pucker." I seriously cracked up several times throughout the book. However, there were also several sweet and tender moments that made me love Cash even more.

We are introduced to new characters who frankly need, no MUST have a book of their own as well as a character you couldn't stand in the last book and end up liking.

One of the last "moments" between Cash and Olivia is an OMG. I specifically commented on how absolutely perfect it was and if I could trade places with Olivia I would have in a New York minute. It was absolute perfection. The steam between Olivia and Cash is beyond boiling and boy does she give us some great scenes.

How she does it I will never know. Michelle is truly amazing. It's been a week since I finished and I am still thinking & reeling about it. The only booger of it all is the wait for book 3 which I will be chewing my nails in anticipation for. One of the BEST series out there!!

The Proposition (The Proposition, #1)The Proposition by Katie Ashley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
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So I am a little late to The Proposition party. I mean I basically new the plot line plus I had bought the book the day it came out. I just had so many other reading obligations that this got put on the back burner. So I stayed up last night and read every last page.

There really isn't anything more that I can say that someone else hasn't. So I will do my best to give this review some justest.

Let me start with Emma who drew me to her and made me absolutely love her. She is kind, sweet, smart, beautiful, selfless and the list goes on and on. However, she is not over the top. I know people that exist that are just like her. She wasn't whiny and she was understanding and "got" Aidan's flaws and never pushed. I hate female characters that push a guy in the story to tell them what and how they are feeling. It's obnoxious. Emma was not. She is a woman who has had heartbreak in the past and is just aching for a family of her own. Even if this means she does this by herself.

Aidan for whatever reason is a sabotager when it comes to relationships. He is a one night stand kind of guy. He comes across as a dog at the beginning. However, we learn very early on that is his surface. He has many layers to him and behind the exterior lies a man whom I think is just terrified to love. Afraid of not living up to the expectations that he feels would be placed up on him.

We start from a "proposition" and see two people that are truly perfect for each other slowly build into MORE. It progresses slowly and never rushes. Aidan is what you would call perfectly flawed and he does what he thinks he does best. Sabotages the relationship.

Katie Ashley wrote a perfect book. It grabbed me from the first page causing me to loose sleep. It has flowing dialogue, perfect characters and some that are perfectly flawed so to speak as well as characters you can't help but just love. It has a strong message about family and what family means.

My only issue is how mad I am at myself for taking too damn long to read this. However, we do have a book 2, The Proposal to look forward too....That I will not be waiting to read!

HOAXHOAX by Lila Felix
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
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It is on rare occasion that you find a book with such a strong female lead. A lead that possesses a lot of qualities such as kindness, courage and bravery just to name a few and NEVER ever boring. She's feisty & funny to boot. She stands up for what she believes in and doesn't back down. That is what started my love for this book initially.

Corine is yanked out of private school with no explanation whatsoever by her parents and who have a few unscrupulous things going on themselves...

Then you meet Abel her summer love who has a hard time saying no to the "bad" crowd once school starts & distancing himself and quickly learns that it is not something that Corine is willing to back down from.

Sean is a lovable sweet guy who gets bullied and tormented at school by the "group" and Corine comes to the rescue and befriends him. They have an innocent "friend" relationship and he made the book all the better...

Here is what I absolutely adore & have come to always expect from Lila's books. You can always expect a constant flowing dialogue, she is always true to her characters, never compromises and ALWAYS makes it relatable. Lila has a way with words. They flow seamlessly and makes you feel like you are a spectator in her story.

This is a book about choosing right from wrong and not going with the populous. Seeing a couple progress from friends to a relationship worth fighting for and watching it blossom.

The only complaint I have, is that I wasn't ready for it to end. I always look forward to another Lila Felix book!!

CollideCollide by Gail McHugh
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
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I wanted to think long and hard prior to writing my review as I am still thinking and reeling from it all. The first thing I did was look up the definition of Collide.

1. To come together with violent, direct impact.
2. To meet in opposition; conflict

This is Collide. It is a definite roller coaster chock full of emotion. It's a story full of flowing dialogue, a descriptive plot with characters that you mostly love and one you just have to hate.

I was captivated and taken by Gavin Blake. I'm not sure it's Gail's love for David Gandy that has me picturing him as "Gavin" or, no I'm sure that's it..;) Gavin is every girls dream guy and perfect in every possible way and he is very shmexy. When he loves, he love's hard and thoroughly....

Emily is in a relationship with Dillon. Dillon I truly could not stand. He is a quintessential asshole. Emily I did like, contrary to what some might think. Having grown up without a father She stays in a relationship for the most part because her dying mother said to hold on to him. If you were in that position what would you do? Think before you answer.

I found myself shouting and being pissed off in a couple of places in the book and wanting to scream and holler at Emily for her lack of listening skills. However, it has memorable characters and one liners that are so damn funny you find yourself laughing out loud. Olivia is Emily's best friend and loyal and hysterical as all get out. She herself deserves a whole book in my opinion...

This is a fantastic read that will make you laugh, cry, cuss and want to bitch slap a couple of characters. You definitely get invested in them and start to care. It kept me wanting more and I'm truly looking forward to Pulse book 2 to see what Ms. Gail McHugh has in store...

Ten Tiny Breaths (Ten Tiny Breaths, #1)Ten Tiny Breaths by K.A. Tucker
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WOW, did I love this book. I read in the back of the thank you's that K.A Tucker was a little concerned about writing this and feeling like she was taken out of her comfort zone. Oh my gosh, why? It was perfect & so beautifully written. She completely rocked it and I believe delivered everything she set out to. The whole plot flowed seamlessly..

Kacey is a 20 yr. old girl that flees with her sister Livie to escape a not great situation with an Aunt and Uncle. Kacey is a care taker at heart and vows to do everything for her sister Livie. Kacey has a ton of demons in her closet and never healed from a tragic event from her past. Kacey is a strong female lead. I loved her right off the bat. I found myself becoming a cheerleader for Kacey and then I cried. I cried like a baby. I cried because I could feel every ounce of pain that K.A put into her. K.A did something amazing with her. She takes us on an emotional journey that allows us to watch and become a part of her process of healing. That my friends is a sign of a top notch Author. When you can feel every ounce of emotion and it pulls you in deep...

I immediately took to Storm who is the next door neighbor that befriends Kacey and helps her whether she wants it or not. I loved how their friendship blossom's naturally and nothing is forced.

Trent is also a neighbor next door that does something to Kacey and allows her to feel for the first time in years. We start to see some walls slowly get broken down. I really, really liked Trent. You know in some books the guy is too good to be true? Not the case...He is completely realistic & has his own demons to overcome.

To say I enjoyed this book would be a complete understatement. K.A took a subject matter that does not get spoken of often and turned it into something that you can take and walk away from. It was emotional, gut wrenching and raw and I feel better having read it.

This is a book I will need in print and I highly, highly recommend it. It has now become one of my favorite reads of 2012.

Mercy, A Gargoyle StoryMercy, A Gargoyle Story by Misty Provencher
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
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I am reeling from just finishing this book. My eyes are wet and I want to cry some more. The words are I'm trying to type are having an extremely difficult time coming out to explain how I feel. Please bare with me...

From the very first page I felt as if I was transported to another place and another time. It flowed like a poem. Please be patient as it does give you allot of information that you do not understand at first. However, hang tight, because you do get there and you completely start to get it and see the flow and understanding of what Misty presents.

Mercy had so many different meanings & layers throughout the whole book. There is so much to take from it. You have a girl who is so desperate to have love and be loved. Who went through a horrific experience, to be thrown out and feel so desperate that she would throw her own life away and beg to die. I found myself heartbroken for this poor beautiful girl that truly had know one to love her. That saw her surface, her beauty as the only redeeming quality. I'm not sure I have felt such rawness and pain in a book that made me feel in "the" moment. Misty does not sugarcoat things. She lays them all out for you and makes you feel.

This is such a different and unique and beautifully written book. I'm sorry if my review is not helpful to you. I may have to come back and revise after I have had more time to think about it. I highly recommend it and I do believe you will take something from it as I have!

The Valentine's Arrangement (Hero for the Holidays, book 1)The Valentine's Arrangement by Kelsie Leverich
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
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There is absolutely nothing bad I can say about this book. NOTHING! I loved the plot, it flowed completely through out the whole book and I adored all of the characters. Every single "main" character was likable. Ronnie was freaking awesome! Kelsie did a kick ass job writing her. She was sexy, snarky, quick with the one liners and a tattoo artist to boot. I'm a tattoo freak so Kelsie had me at tattoo. The whole story line was different than anything I've read as of late.

Kale, oh handsome hot Kale... In the book Ronnie refers to Kale as Captain America. Guess what ladies? So did I. In the book that is how I kept picturing him. I absolutely fell in love with him.

Ronnie has been hurt by an ex fiance who happens to be a soldier. In walks Kale who just happens to also be a soldier, to have a tattoo done by the "best". Man, isn't Kale surprised to find that Ronnie is not a he but a she. Pleasantly surprised at that. I think myself it's the snarkiness of Ronnie that intrigues him at first not to mention she's very easy on the eyes to look at. Sparks ignite even if Ronnie doesn't want them too.

This isn't your average boy meets girl book. For me this is a book about letting your guard down and seeing things for what they actually are and were. Being able to open yourself up to the possibility of love and moving on even if it means getting yourself hurt in the process...

I could feel the sizzle in the pages and I am not ready to let Kale and Ronnie go as a couple. I'm needing more. Bring on a book 2 Kelsie Leverich... Yes, I liked it that much...

Awakened (Awakened, #1)Awakened by C.N. Watkins
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
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Ok, so I just finished it and I liked it. There were a few plot problems and there was a couple of character characteristics that I was confused about. I thought Stefan was one way in my head and then he would turn around and get all "naughty" on us. Don't get me wrong I like naughty but he just switched around on me some. Jen, I liked ok. I didn't LOVE her character, she held some frustrations with me. She jumped to conclusions too many times and I wanted to holler and scream at her to just shut the hell up and listen...

Ok, now to the good. I absolutely loved Kennedy and her awesomeness as a best friend. She was there for Jen time and time again, no questions asked! The story picked up for me three quarters of the way through and as soon as I thought I knew where she was headed, I would be completely dead wrong...

I don't like predictable and it wasn't. The ending very much left us with a ohhh and ok a 2nd book will be coming in the near future which of course I will definitely for sure have to read. I will need to know exactly what C.N Watkins has in store for these characters.

I see major character growth & development for the next book and it can only get better from here!

Just for Now (Sea Breeze #4)Just for Now by Abbi Glines
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
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I seriously love me some Abbi Glines and I really liked Preston. Just as soon as you think you know Preston from the other Sea Breeze books boy are you dead wrong and taken for a tail spin. Abbi gives us a glimpse into his past and we see a compassionate and sweet side to Preston we had never seen. To be honest I have always been curious about Preston in the other books and wondered when his story fine came along where it would be taken. She had me from page 1...

I seriously liked Amanda and was pleasantly surprised at how likable she was and had become. I wasn't crazy about her in Because of Low, I'm sure it might have had something to do with some of her parental issues but she just didn't stick with me. I absolutely loved her character and found myself cheering them on. She couldn't have been any more perfect for Preston.

Abbi is so stinkin good at love scenes, I mean the girl can write some HAWT scenes! Perfect amount of steam and not over done!

I laughed and I cried and my heart broke a time or two. Nothing gets me more then when I can feel the emotion put into a book and I can feel it come right out and onto me.

If you have not read any of the Sea Breeze books you are seriously missing out!

FuryFury by Michelle Pace
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
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I liked this book but it was a little slow to start for me. It took until around chapter 11 to start picking up. Please don't let that deter you from reading it. It's different from your normal rock n' roll story. It had mystery, intrigue, romance and less we not forget hot Rock Stars. Once it started taking off it kept on going and didn't miss a beat and kept on going until the very last page. It kept me guessing and the plot was completely different from what I was expecting which is a VERY good thing!

The two main females are Steph and Cheyenne, they are best friends that work at a music entertainment magazine. Steph is the photographer and Cheyenne is the writer. They get sent on a month long excursion with the band FURY. Here is what I liked about the characters...They were complete opposites from one another but complimented each other so well. They didn't tip toe around each other and I liked that. They said what was on their mind and got over it. That shows true friendship!

The men of FURY were equally different in their own right. Here is where the Author's truly rocked it...They can write for a man and you picture a man actually saying what they were saying. Make sense? It should. There is nothing worse then reading a book and you can no way shape or form see a guy saying something and it almost sounds more feminine or it can be the opposite and it's too domineering. So not the case. They did a spectacular job of writing for the men. Scot was by far my favorite of the FURY. He was sincere and grabbed me from page 1. Sometimes the characters are too cocky and too sure of themselves. That was definitely not Scot. Nathan took the cake with the cockiness. I wished there had been a few more scenes between Scot and Cheyenne though.

Phillip and Steph were the antagonistic couple that irritated each other from first sight. We know where antagonism almost always leads to though right? Sparks fly baby!

Overall I truly enjoyed it. The mystery was great and I liked the well thought out plot. It was well thought out, thoroughly. Definitely a book worth reading. Would love to see Nathan find a woman that knocks him on his ass and sends him down a peg or two. Book 2 of the Fury men? Hopefully!

Overwhelm Me (Callahan Series #1)Overwhelm Me by A.C. Marchman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
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I just finished this book. I started reading this first thing this morning and read the first 75% in one sitting. Unfortunately, I did have to get up and put it down, which was a complete and utter hardship.

Allie is a character that has had some horrible things happen to her. She doesn't let it hold her down, deter her or keep her from following her dreams and wanting to help others. She is genuinely a very good person and a very relatable character .

Donovan is a hot, successful Doctor who she literally runs into. Sparks fly from first glance.

From a chance encounter they meet again and the chemistry between these two is HAWT from moment 1.

Through a couple situations and a few obstacles they manage to see that they need each other and are actually pretty perfect for each other.The sex scenes will make you melt like butta! They were perfect. Not over done or under done. Completely satisfying!

I loved this book and seriously cannot wait for the next one.

Did I mention there may have been a slight cliffhanger that may put a slight clinch into Allie and Donovan's happily ever after future? Oh yeah, I may have left that part out! ;) Stay tuned for book 2....

Risking Fate (Mitchell Family Series #4)Risking Fate by Jennifer Foor
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
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You know when you read a book series and sometimes the first book in the particular series is always the best and the rest don't seem up to par? Completely not the case. I don't know how Jenn does it but they get better and better as the series evolves. She makes you fall in love with each and every character and make you feel like you are a part of their family. Sound strange? It shouldn't. When reading Risking Fate I felt like I was like a bystander standing there and watching every scene play out. I'm always rooting and falling in love with them all over again. There are so many layers to this book. I laughed and I cried and my heart broke right along with all of these characters. I can't ever imagine not having a Mitchell Family book to read. If you have not ever read the first book in the series, Letting Go, what are you waiting for? The Mitchell family series get better and better as the series goes on! Take the plunge, fall in love with all of the characters in the series and become a part of the Mitchell Family!

The Edge of NeverThe Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
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I just finished this book. I started reading it last night and I didn't want to put it down. Unfortunately 5:30 comes really quick. As soon as I got home from work my kindle has been attached to my hand. It was waffles for dinner for my kids because The Edge of Never is sooo good.
The beginning was just a tad slow for me, However knowing J.A Redmerski's work like I do, I knew she had something WONDERFUL planned and boy did she ever.

She introduces us to Camryn who is an extremely relatable character. She goes to the trouble of giving us a complete back story of Camryn. Which in my opinion we really need in order to understand the full and complete picture of the pain that Camryn experienced, which is written so beautifully! Camryn had a boyfriend named Ian whom she loved and died in a car accident. Cam goes through the motions day by day but never truly fitting in. Her mother and father are divorced and her brother is in Prison. She decides to "find" herself and sets off on a trip of discovery with no plans of where she is heading.

On to breathtaking hot as sin Andrew who I could not help but smile and fall in love with. Andrew's father is dying and is having a hard time coming to terms with it. He decides to take a bus so he can "think" on his way to say good-bye to his father.

At a bus stop is where Andrew meets Camryn. With a little antagonism from Andrew, a little innocence from Cam and allot of chemistry between the two, they set off on a trip together. This is when the story goes full out BAM!

Holy crap, this is what I was waiting for a even though I wasn't sure what it was that J.A Redmerski had planned. She took me through an insane amount of roller coaster rides full of emotions. Just when I thought I knew where she was going, boom she would rock my world. I cried my eyes out with a couple scene's and I was a torrid of craziness just waiting to get to the next part and hope and pray I was wrong.

Let this review guide you in the right direction and please read this book. So well written and worth every moment I spent reading it.

Rhythm in BlueRhythm in Blue by tfc Parks
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
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Reading this book I felt so many different emotions! Tfc Parks has a way of setting a scene and making you think you are actually there in that moment with them living it. That to me is a true test of an Author. If you can take me there and to that time you completely have me!
The complexity of Rick and Shelby was off the charts! This is not your normal love story, it was better! Tfc keeps us guessing and never once did I guess right. It was everything and more I thought it would be. Romance and Rock'n roll what more could you ever need in a great book? This book needs allot more recognition than it is getting and I plan on pushing it to the hilt! More Tfc Parks!!

Rock the Heart (Black Falcon, #1)Rock the Heart by Michelle A. Valentine
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
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OK, so holy crap toast!! I just finished an ARC that I was given by the most awesome Michelle Valentine!! I started reading this last night and damnit I didn't want to stop. I instantly knew this was a book for me...I painstakingly made myself put it down at 1:00 am knowing I had to get up at 5:00. 4 hrs. of sleep in my line of work sucks ass. However, I was in love with not only a book but with 7 characters. There are several staple quotes in the book that I would like to put here but not quiet sure if I am allowed, lol.

The sexy parts were that, sexy and steamy. She couldn't have written them any more perfect in my opinion. I found myself needing to be cooled down afterwards which says something about the writing!!

She gave you enough backgrounds for Noel and Lanie to understand there back story and see both point of views. I laughed my ass off several times and there were spots that I had tears in my eyes! I couldn't help but fall in love with the other band members and of course sexy talking Striker!

Who can resist sexy rockers with smoking tattoos, a love worth fighting for and a story line that left you begging for more?

I am now invested in these characters and will be waiting with bated breath for the next. I can't wait to see what happens next!!

CRUSHCRUSH by Lacey Weatherford
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
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I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It has everything you might ever want in a story, deception, intrigue, love, betrayal and the list goes on and on. It took me for a ride that I was definitely not expecting and left me wanting more....

Hunter is in one word, scrumptious. I think it describes him perfectly! Hunter shows his smart ass side of himself right off the bat and between you and me I love me a HOT bad boy smart ass! He had some fantastic one liners throughout the whole book.

Cami is an innocent girl who is completely ignorant to the fact that she's beautiful. I love a female character that has no clue that her looks effect the male gender.

This book was a page turner and I loved every second of it!

On Christmas HillOn Christmas Hill by Nichole Chase
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
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A perfect Christmas story to read on a late Saturday night on the first of December to get you ready for the Holidays! I am a sucker for a GREAT Christmas story and this did not disappoint. There was love, a mystery and a little surprise all rolled into it! It left me wanting to see it made into a Hallmark movie. I kid not! I highly recommend it. If I am correct, we may actually get a part 2 next year...

Unlikely AlliesUnlikely Allies by Tiffany King
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
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I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I for one liked that it wasn't about your typical boy meets girl and sparks fly and they live happily ever after. There was allot of substance in this book. It's about a girl who has just found out she has a dad and a dad who has just found out he has a daughter. (I loved her dad!!) He genuinely wanted to take the time to get to know her and spend as much time with her as possible. It's about a daughter learning to forgive her mother for not ever telling her she had a father and for making her miss out on a relationship she could have had with her dad. And yes there is the guy named Mason who is snarky and rude at first. Yes sparks do fly but it's not your typical love story. I loved it because it was different and they were forced to get to know one another in an unlikely circumstance. Kimberly grows up in the end of the book. Learns to forgive and realize that know one's perfect, everyone makes mistakes and sometimes things happen for a reason!!

Devoured (Devoured, #1)Devoured by Emily Snow
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
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First off I love a good story with a hot rocking male lead. I did enjoy it and will be anxiously waiting for Consumed. I loved the dynamic of Lucas and Sienna once they finally got together. It did seem a little rushed in certain spots but I completely loved the plot. Sienna, I had mixed feelings about until I got further into the book and understood her allot better. We all have some sort of family crap that we have to deal with at one time or another in our life so I was not going to judge how she reacted to certain situations. She is a great friend and very loyal to those she loves. In the end isn't that what counts? Lucas was intense and HAWT as haites. I needed to see a little more into Lucas. But hey who wouldn't? I will be anxiously looking forward to Consumed where we are sure to delve into Lucas and his past!

Hale MareeHale Maree by Misty Provencher
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
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I finished this book yesterday and I'm still reviewing everything that happened in my head...I'm left wanting more, so much more...That's only to say because I loved the characters so much and felt invested in them. It was unlike any story I've read as of late. I had no idea when I started it what to expect and it went off the grid so to speak but in a VERY good way! I have to add how much I love Hale's name, love!!

Oscar is my new book boyfriend. Happy sigh... He was so attentive, manly and funny, sweet and charming. The list goes on and on...
Hale reminds me of me in the book at that age. That's probably sharing way too much but hey I'm honest. She is also strong and in so many ways. To deal with her past and her now she would have to be.

I cannot stress enough how wonderful Hale Maree is and I'm waiting and hoping with bated breath that there will be more!!
One can only hope right?

Raging Love (Mitchell Family, #3)Raging Love by Jennifer Foor
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
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I received an ARC of Raging Love by the fabulous Jenn Foor. I love this series and have many hours invested in these characters. In Raging Love Van and Colt are preparing for their wedding. Tragedy strikes the couple before the wedding. Through it all Colt still manages to give Van her day.
Throughout the whole book real life situations take place. It's not fantasy but real. Just like in real life, tragedy will hit in one way shape or form. What Jenn has done is put real life situations in her books. She has done this with all three of them. Nothing is too crazy, true to life and that could happen to anyone.
There were parts in the book that I laughed my fool head off out loud! There were several that I found myself crying like a baby. There is a part in the book that I could completely identify with. That is what I loved about it. It was real, sweet, funny, HOT as hell and gut wrenching at times but that is what makes a book worth reading!!

Love and SkateLove and Skate by Lila Felix
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I was fortunate enough to get an ARC of the highly anticipated book Love and Skate by the awesome Lila Felix. I read this in under 4 hours. Now I am a fast reader but for me not to ever move from one spot is surely saying something.
I like ALLOT of books and I LOVE allot of books. However, there are not allot of them that I can say that have such relate able characters in them.
Nellie is a hard core skater, something myself I have always wanted to do and never did. Skaters seem to me to be so bad ass. Take the bad assness of skating for lack of a better word, if it even is one and you have a girl who is herself with no exceptions. Blue hair and piercings she is who she is and doesn't apologize for it. Nor should she. But that's just the exterior. Who she is in the inside is a vulnerable but sweet, loyal, caring, honest and beautiful person. I LOVED her and completely identified with her. She is flawed but perfectly flawed if that makes any sense.
Owen is my dream guy in every sense of the word rolled into a complete package. Tall, muscular, tattooed with piercings and that's just the beginning. He is also loyal, sweet, kind and that's only the beginning. He has his flaws but it's the normal kind that any regular person experiences. But when he loves, he loves hard!
That is what makes this book so perfect. The characters are not perfect and in my head where the story was taking place I could see and visualize it. That is what makes a perfect story and a good story teller. This is a story that everyone will read and see a little something in themselves in.

For me this is now my favorite book that Lila has ever written...

The Story of Jackson HaddockThe Story of Jackson Haddock by Shanora Williams
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I completely enjoyed this book. It started with a bang and kept on going. You fall completely in love with Jackson. I think part of his charm was the fact that he didn't realize how desirable he actually was. The other part was his devotion to his deceased family. Even years later he never stopped thinking about them and wanting to take revenge for them. I was happy to see that he did have a sense of family even after what he experienced. I loved the characters of Jess and Ker and how much they cared. Shanora did a great job of adding depth to these characters. Take the time to read this book. You will not be disappointed!

Broken PromisesBroken Promises by Belinda Boring
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Now I am a fan from the get go. I read the first Mystic Wolves book and was completely fascinated & hooked from the get go. So going into Broken Promises was a no brainer for me. I read it laying in a camper last night squished between my two little boys. I stayed up until I had finished the very last page! I was taken in from page 1. Belinda is as detailed with the characters as she is with captivating every detail of the character's surroundings. It's almost as if you are there and you can see it in your head as the story plays out. I love that she had Bri relive memories of time spent with Quinn. It made me get to know both of the characters and understand them quite well. I don't think she could have made Quinn any more swoon worthy even if she had tried. Quinn was perfect just the way she made him and developed him in the story. I even found myself swooning over him when he was not at his best. I think that is what she had intended and I was completely and utterly pulled in. Just like in the Mystic Wolves series where I cried my eyes out and felt the pain of the characters in those books, I could feel the pain of Bri in Broken Promises. That to me is a sign of a true artist!!

The Perfect GameThe Perfect Game by J. Sterling
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This is the first time I have read a book by J. Sterling and I'm so glad I did. I read this book in one afternoon because I couldn't put it down. I needed to know what happened next and even risked the life of my kindle in the bathtub.
Cassie is a girl that really has never been able to depend on anyone in her family so she has some trust issues. I liked Cassie because in lack of a better term wasn't a slut. She respected herself and I admired the way J. made her so like able in the book.
Meet Jack the all around hot baseball pitcher that get's around the block..allot!! Jack has some issues that make him who he is. He meets Cassie who won't give him the time of day. Not like the rest of the female population who will jump in his pants in 2 seconds flat. I liked Jack allot. He was kind of damaged like the rest of us are in some sort of way. A believable character. He is passionate in more ways then baseball and really a good guy who loves his family.
There were a couple twists and turns along the way. I found myself crying, shouting, crying and snotty again, pumping my fist in the air and finally smiling. This book is full of emotions like passion, friendship, love, forgiveness and letting go. I give this book 5 starts because it used and abused every emotion that I have felt at some time in my life. It was real and raw and J. Sterling wrote a fantastic book!!

White Trash Beautiful (Beautiful, #1)White Trash Beautiful by Teresa Mummert
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Who hasn't at one time or another been broke or felt poor? Who hasn't at one time or another felt like you were less? Like you didn't deserve to be in a better situation. That you weren't pretty enough or didn't have the right clothes. This is Cass who lives in a trailer park and has had one hell of a hard life. She thinks she's not worthy of love and that she almost deserves to be in this situation. Cass works in a local diner and one day a man so hot walks in. His name is Tucker and in my mind he has a close resemblance to Adam Levine. He treats her with kindness that she has never been shown. Her mother is a druggy and in her own world. Her boyfriend Jackson is a jobless looser and is a druggy as well. I found my heart breaking for Cass throughout this whole book. Every feeling she had through this book we have all experienced at one time or another.
Tucker is like a breath of fresh air who genuinely wants to see her happy and take care of her.
I had so many thoughts and emotions running throughout my mind through the whole book. Teresa did an excellent job of making it real and making you feel. There will be 3 books in this series and the second should be coming soon. Please read it!!!!

EmergeEmerge by Lila Felix
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Ok the reason I called this sweet and triumphant are for several reasons... Jenna comes from an extremely hard home life. A mother who is in my opinion just evil and a step father who goads her right along with her horrific mother. Jenna is a kind and hard working, just trying to get through high school so she can finally graduate and leave. Carlos is this absolutely wonderful and kind guy who sees Jenna for the good and kind person that she is but hates the home life that she goes through to get by. Without ruining the story and saying too much let me say this... It's sweet and triumphant because Lila Felix takes us through a journey on finding yourself and seeing that you are worth something and to someone. What it takes for Jenna to see that someone might actually unconditionally love her for her!!

Fighting FaithFighting Faith by Brandie Buckwine
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I loved this book and didn't want to put it down. I loved the antagonism between Faith and Eric. Poor Eric didn't seem to have a mute button. Faith wasn't afraid to throw it right back at him and I love that about her character. And I wanted to be Faith in the book in every way. I think I needed to be hosed off a couple of times but it had the perfect amount of steam. I am one of those crazy people that likes a happily ever after and I felt like were just getting started with their romance. I would love to see where it went and would love a sequel. Just saying...

Folding Hearts (Mitchell Family, #2)Folding Hearts by Jennifer Foor
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So I was one lucky girl who got to read an ARC prior to it hitting. WOW!! This is well worth the wait!!!
What I loved is that it started right off where the 1st book Letting Go ended. No time lapsed which I appreciated. Ty annoyed the heck out of me in the first book because of his constant cheating ways, so I was kinda skeptical as to where Jenn was going to take it. Boy was I taken for a ride... I ended up falling in love with Ty! I loved the dynamic between Miranda and Ty. If there ever was a woman made for him it was her. I think she challenged him and made him better. As any good woman should. At the same time I think Ty helped Miranda realize some of her self worth.

This book was H.O.T, HOT!!! There are some smoking spots throughout this book and I do mean the perfect kind. Holy moly batman! I was fanning myself it was so hot. It was Perfect!

This book made me cry in several spots and had some fantastic one liners!! The relationship that Ty develops with Izzy will warm your heart and make you hope and believe that there are men out there like that. Jenn has this uncanny ablility to make every character in her books completely and utterly different. Van and Miranda couldn't be any more different as well as Ty and Colt and I love that! You can't help but walk away from reading this and falling in love with each and every character in the Mitchell Family Series!!!! Looking forward to book 3 in the worst way!!!

Letting Go (Mitchell Family, #1)Letting Go by Jennifer Foor
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Savannah is a college student who breaks up with her long time boyfriend Tyler so she can focus on school. Fast forward and Tyler get's in a drunkin car accident and Savannah stays by his side the whole time he's incapacitated and sticks by his side for 6 months until one day.... Colt the sexy southern hearthrob walks in and he's Tyler's cousin and sparks fly. Now throughtout this book everyone possible has shunned Savannah including Tyler's parents. Telling her that the accident was her fault. Through the whole book I could completely identify with Savannah. Jennifer did a great job of making her relateable! Colt is in town to help his Aunt and Uncle on the farm. He becomes a friend to Savannah when everyone mis treated her and then becomes so much more. she begins to realize that the accident wasn't her fault and comes to terms with some "skeletons" that had been hidden from her as well. I loved this book and was not ready for it to end! The good news is the next book should be out shortly and then there will be another after that. Allot more time to get to know and love and appreciate the depth of these characters!!!

Naked (The Blackstone Affair, #1)Naked by Raine Miller
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I really enjoyed this book and can't wait for the next. I thought Ethan was absolutely smoking HOT! We are still at the getting to know you stages on Brynne and I think that's the only reason I gave it a 4. I know it's supposed to be a mystery and I guess i'm just impatient and can't stand the not knowing, so I apologize in advance! Brynne has gone through something so terrible that she's not a very trusting person and it doesn't come easy. In walks Ethan who feels completely taken with her and is like a white knight in shining armor who has come to save the day. A hot guy, some steamy scenes, an intriguing mystery surrounding Brynne and you have yourself one heck of a book!!
The books ends with a cliff hanger. We will be patiently waiting for the next one to come out so can find out and hopefully have some of this mystery revealed.

Down to You (The Bad Boys, #1)Down to You by M. Leighton
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Let me start off by saying that there isn't a book that Michelle could write that I wouldn't love! I don't know what it is but when she writes a book there's a part of it that always seems to speak to me in some way shape or form. Now, enough of the mush and onto the review...

This is a book that has everything you could possibly want in a story. A love triangle, because who wouldn't want two extremely HOT guys wanting you, and not just any hot guys but twins. Fantastic girl friends that you want to be friends with and a bitch of a cousin that you so completely want to throttle in every sense of the word and a story line that makes you stay awake til all hours of the night because you can't put it down. Yes that's what happened to me. I started reading it yesterday and that was all she wrote. I did't go to sleep until I had it finished and boy was I not ready for it to be over!!

This book took me on a much needed escape and just for a little while I got to be Olivia!! Thanks, Michelle!!!

Happy "sigh"!!!

The Wild OnesThe Wild Ones by M. Leighton
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Michelle has done it again!! The Wild Ones was an emotional and thoughtful story. The way she can make you love and care about the characters so quickly. You instantly fall in love with Trick and you so completely want to be Cami. At least I wanted to be Cami! I love how you read a story and think about it after you've already finished the last page. I have read every book that Michelle has put out and I have to say I instantly loved this one. I would love a continuation to their story because I am simply put, not ready for their story to be over!! Just to add to this, there will be 2 more books!! Woohoo!!!!!

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