Review Policy

We receive regular requests from Authors to read/review their books. The following sets out our policy in relation to reading for review. If you’re happy with what we’ve set out below, feel free to send us a request to review your book.

  1. We happily receive copies of books in exchange for an honest review.
  2. By accepting a book we give a commitment to writing a review for the book, but we will not specify a timeframe within which we will complete the review.
  3. We retain the right to determine the order in which we review any books received - review order is not necessarily based on the when the book is received.
  4. All reviews will be posted on Goodreads and Amazon at a minimum by either Heather or Tami. In some cases both will post a review.
  5. At our discretion, we may post our review on the Into the Night Reviews blog as part of an "In the Spotlight" post (http://intothenightbookreviews.blogspot.com). Wherever possible we will advise the author in advance of our intention to do so, but we reserve the right to publish the review and publicly available details of the book/author at our convenience/discretion.
  6. At our discretion we may also share details of our review and/or the publicly available details of the book/author on the Into the Nights Review Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/IntoTheNightReviews).
  7. We have a guest reviewer and may ask them to review the book on our behalf.
  8. We do not review erotica. We will happily share details of the book on our Facebook page and may also share on the blog (subject to the appropriateness of the content as we don't have an adult content warning on the blog site).
  9. This policy does not apply to books that are the subject of a blog tour that we have signed up for.
Please send requests for review to intothenightreviews@gmail.com

Rating Scale

5 Stars:      ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!   ~  we could not put it down and sat up till all hours reading 'just one more chapter' before discovering we'd actually finished it.  The story was gorgeous/heart breaking/entertaining to the point that we found ourselves thinking about it for days after and relating to the characters as if they were people we actually knew.  We recommend it to everyone and are still talking about it a week later.
4 Stars:      REALLY LIKED IT ~ we had a hard time putting it down as we were engrossed in the characters/story.  We were satisfied with the ending and couldn't wait to tell people all about it.  There was something about the book that didn't quite make it a 5, for example grammar/editing issues that were a little distracting, but it was a book that still had an impact and we really enjoyed reading it.  We recommend it widely and are still talking about it days after finishing.
3 Stars:      LIKED IT ~  the book was good and we enjoyed reading it, but it needed a little something.  Either the story was a little predictable, we didn't really connect with the characters well or the writing style wasn't quite to our liking.  It provided a good escape and some entertainment while we read and we'll suggest it to others.
2 Stars:      IT WAS OK ~ We had a hard time getting into the book and didn't connect with the story/characters. It took a while to finish and we would probably not write a review for the book.
1 Star:         NOT FOR US ~ the book didn't hold our interest and we struggled to finish it (and may not have).  We would be unlikely to publicly rate a book as 1 star and would not write a review for it, recognising that everyone has different tastes and that this book was just not for us.