Monday, October 29, 2012

Airicka Phoenix's new book Touching Smoke

I just purchased this and it looks and sounds wonderful! I am hearing nothing but good things....

Touching Smoke (Touch Series, #1) by Airicka Phoenix 

Thump thump .........thump thump....thump....thump thump thump......thump shhhhhhhhhhh
You know what that is? That my dear friends is my heart beat! Holy smokes. 

Touching smoke defies everything I have read as of late. This book was so flipping intense! I have been hours trying to think of something to compare this book with. Congratulations Airicka Phoenix I can not find anything! This book is definitely a intriguing and unique read! Seriously no vampires, no werewolf’s, no fairies. Freakin amazing!!! However, throughout the book we do have supernaturals, ask me where they are come from, ask me how the dog ears you can have a book about supernaturals and not be the usual Vamp, weres, fae, I say you grab this book and read it immediately. Figure that out for yourself!

Right when you open the book, you start out with Fallon and her mother, driving around everywhere. Only staying in run down motels. Fallon was not the typical child. She is now close to 17 and never stayed in one school for more than 6 months. Always on the run. So that’s what you get in the first couple of pages. Base line I guess you would call! Then BAM you are thrown into action, fear, powerfulness. I mean mega WHOA! Little farther into the story, the Author throws in the mysterious, hunky, ravishing “Isaiah”. They are MADE for each other literally and that is all I am saying. Is her father really been dead for 14 years? Or is he alive, is he bad, is he good? Oh wait....who really is her mother? Is her mother good? So many twists!!!

You want a book to drive you crazy, on the edge of your seat with anticipation. You want a book with romance, originality, secrets, humor, danger and raw emotion. You better run get your copy now, why it is only $2.99. If they right person gets a hold of the read. Look out people this might just turn into market price!

Airicka Phoenix congratulations to you on a very awesome new debut book. You better believe I will be one of the first to get my hands on your next book! P.S I flipping love the cover!