Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Blog Tour & Giveaway:Music of the Heart by Katie Ashley

My Review:

It's been almost a week since I finished Music of the Heart and no lie, I want to read it again. There are few books I feel this way about. This is one of them.

It's filled with heart and soul. With relatable characters and the hot as sin rock stars of Runaway Train. Finally a rock star book has come around with female leads being "real" and the rock stars being regular guys. By regular guys I don't mean this is in a bad way, far from it. These guys are wicked hot but with a sense of humor and an everyday, not better than anyone else attitude. Sure they are successful but they don't come across as over the top.

First off, I love and adore Abby. She is such a cool chick. She is funny, smart, sweet, sincere, kind and guess what folks? She's a virgin. You read that right. So many things to love about our Abby. She has a heart of gold but isn't afraid to put you in your place. She doesn't see herself as any better than anyone else and tries to do what is right. She comes from a very religious background, but don't let her full you. She's as witty as they come, quick witted and funny as hell. Loved Abby!

Then we have Jake the hot lead singer of Runaway Train. Jake has demons and he isn't perfect but we soon learn why he is the way he is and you can't help but have sympathy for him. The chemistry between Jake and Abby is instantaneous and on fire. Jake makes a few mistakes along the way and you certainly want to smack him a couple of times, but all in all, you get it and you get him. 

I read this book in one evening and even sacrificed sleep on a work night to finish it. I couldn't put it down and was pissed as hell when it was over. 

The beauty of it is, we will get the opportunity to get to know Rhys and AJ better. The other single members of the group, who add a lot to the story line of Music of the Heart. 

This is not a story to wait on. Looking for a new rocker book, one with hot as sin guys, a girl with a sense of humor and a story, that will have you pissed when you finished it too quickly? Grab it and read it because you will fall in love with the members of Runaway Train.

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