Tuesday, July 16, 2013

In the Spotlight: The Fallen (Dark Genesis #1) by Sean M. Bazaar

Today we are featuring The Fallen, book 1 in the Dark Genesis series by Sean M. Bazaar.

Armageddon, the last battle. Yet victory is not as assured as us mere mortals have been told. However Hell is a dark reflection of Heaven, if Heaven falls can Hell be far behind?

What does that mean for the souls caught in the middle of heavenly plans and diabolical plots?  All of this is explored as the mighty armies made of the Host of Hosts and Diabolical begin their final confrontation in Book One of The Fallen Series: Dark Genesis. 

Although I don't usually read this type of story or the fantasy genre I absolutely loved it.  I give it a five star review. 

The story was amazingly written, the writer created amazing  characters and has a terrific imagination. I could not put this book down  once I started reading it. The idea of the book is very unique in itself but the way the writer created the scenes I could visualize what he was describing.

The Fallen is very graphic in the fighting scenes but it was necessary to capture the full impact.  The chapters where Alisha Grace (the human) describes what is going on around her gave me goosebumps (what she described going on would give anyone goosebumps!). The story then is being described through the eyes of the angels and demons.  I obviously rooted for the angels but love the conflict and decisions made by the all-father.  Although the angels didn't always agree with his decisions, they made an oath to the all-father.  I think that part is important in the story; the conflict and their oaths.  I loved the description of the demons, each being very unique and grotesque (loved it!) and each was described in such a way I could visualize exactly what they looked like. 

The characters are so well described I fell in love with them all (angels of course) but if I had to pick a favorite or favorites I would pick Krillion, Rai and Alisha (of course).  I just want their happily ever afters and of course I can’t forget Kane . I cannot wait to read the next in this series. I absolutely love this story and I highly recommend whether you like the fantasy genre or not , it's a great story. 

5 out of 5 stars

Sean M. Bazaar is a staff sergeant currently in the U.S. Army. He originally came up with the idea for The Fallen series and characters during his first deployment to Iraq in 2003, as a way for his men to have some fresh reading during their down time. He currently resides in Ft. Knox with his wife, two daughters and their Yorkie.