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Cover Reveal: Waking Up in Vegas by Stevie Kisner

Check out the cover for Stevie Kisner's latest - Waking Up in Vegas.  It sounds great and the cover is definitely eye catching!

Title: Waking Up in Vegas
Author: Stevie Kisner
Release date: late December

I’m Tack Morgan, and I’m Las Vegas Magazine’s Sexiest Man. I’m the host of the most listened-to morning drive-time show on Vegas’s FM dial.

I’m also in therapy for sexual harassment.

My therapist is the one making me write this. The doc says it’ll help put things into perspective.

To be clear, I don’t have sexual harassment issues. I have sexual frustration issues.

And it’s totally not my fault.

That responsibility rests squarely with the person I’m being accused of harassing. I see her each and every weekday morning at the ungodly hour of 6 am.

Funny. I used to think that was the best time of the whole day. I lived for starting my mornings so early, not seeing my bed until many, many hours later.

Unless it was for recreation.

At the risk of sounding cocky, I recreated a lot.

Sex is my sport of choice. Or at least it was, until Jen waltzed through the station door and announced she was my new morning-show co-host.

I swear, she’s developed some sort of pheromone-canceling ESP that follows me around everywhere and cockblocks me at every turn. I haven’t gotten laid in… too long.

Honestly, I haven’t been keeping track.

Actually, yes, I have.

It’s been two months.

Coincidentally, that’s exactly how long Jensen McKenzie has been my co-host.

I don’t think my balls can get any bluer.

This is not an easy bit to write. Mostly because I don't find myself a interesting subject. I've known me too long to be fascinated. But you haven't, so here goes:

I fell in love with music early.
According to my mother, I knew all the words to The Archie's 'Sugar Sugar' when I was two.If that gives you a clue to my age, so be it. I won't 'fess up, as my brain thinks it's twenty-six, and I don't want it to catch on that it's not.

Reading followed shortly after that... my brother is two years older than I am (almost to the day) and I would sit next to him when he read. He let me because it was the only time I wasn't hitting him. I did it because I loved words (it's the fire-sign in me) and he would trace under the words with his finger as he read out loud. As he sounded out words, I did the same in my head, and after a few months, the wondrous world of all those funky symbols finally made sense. I took off with it, and never stopped.

('Aw, honey honey... you are my candy girl, and you've got me wanting you...') Sorry. Once the iPod in my head gets to playing, it doesn't shut off. And I mentioned a song, so it decided I needed to hear it. On repeat.

Fast-forward to now:
I live with my husband and grown son in a suburb of Albuquerque. How my son can be all grown up is beyond me. After all, I'm still twenty-six, right? A beautiful Golden Retriever own us, and thinks we live to give her turkey and throw balls endlessly. She's mostly right.

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Blog-iversary Giveaway!!

We're celebrating our first Blog-iversary and having a huge giveaway!

Major Prize:

Kindle Fire + 10 e-books:

  • Before the Storm-Sarah Dosher 
  • Conflicted by Sophie Monroe
  • Fading by E.K Blair 
  • Feeling This: by Casey Blue 
  • Good- by S. Walden 
  • Heartstrings- by Me 
  • Ruin by Rachel Van Dyken 
  • The Things We Can't Change Part One: The Prologue by Kassandra Kush 
  • Tied Up In Heartstrings: Felicia Lynn
  • Unbreakable by Rebecca Shea 

2nd Prize:

Exclusive Signed Paper copy of the not yet released Beat of the Heart by Katie Ashely

3rd - 10th Prizes:

Signed paperback copies of:

  • Conflicted by Sophie Monroe
  • Feeling This by Casey Blue
  • Heartstrings by Heather Gunter 
  • Love Notes by Heather Gunter
  • So Much it Hurts by Melanie Dawn 
  • Tied Up in Heartstrings by Felicia Lynn
  • Wait For You by J Lynn 
  • Wicked Thing by Angeline Kace

Giveaway Conditions (the fine print)
  • Kindle Fire will be sent from Amazon US. Kindle Fire is available internationally, however, if a country is not one of the countries on Amazon’s list of countries they deliver to, residents of that country will not be eligible to enter.
  • If a winner is selected but Amazon does not ship Kindle Fire to their country of residence, no replacement prize will be offered and another winner will be selected. It is the contestant’s responsibility to make sure that their country is listed BEFORE they enter.
  • Postage costs will be included in the prize.
  • Kindle power adapters are not included in the prize as they are an optional accessory available from Amazon.
  • All e-books are in Kindle format and will be sent from Amazon US. If a book is not available for download in the winner’s country of residence, it is the winner’s responsibility to exchange the gift for Amazon credit.
  • All signed paperbacks are US only.
  • The Exclusive Signed Paperback copy of Beat of the Heart by Katie Ashley is an unreleased title and all release dates are subject to publishing changes. The book will be sent to the winner once it becomes available. Into the Night Reviews has no capacity to confirm the date on which this particular prize will be available.

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Cover Reveal: Just Once by Julianna Keyes

Check out the cover for Just Once by Julianna Keyes!!

by Julianna Keyes and Omnific Publishing
Adult Contemporary Romance
Releasing October 29, 2013

Kate Burke is done making bad decisions. Thirty years old and belatedly determined to grow up, the successful travel writer and one-time party girl returns to work at the remote Ponderosa Pines Ranch to reassess her life.

Although her kitchen/cabin staff is lacking and the workload never relents, Kate’s main challenge is Shane Maddox, the ruggedly handsome and doggedly stubborn ranch foreman. Instantly at odds, they battle over everything from ceiling fans to bothersome bats—studiously ignoring the sparks they generate with each confrontation.

They can’t explain their explosive physical chemistry, but after a few frustrated weeks they can’t deny it either. Their solution? Just once. They’ll get past their inconvenient lust and move on.
Kate’s been trying to think with her head instead of her hormones, but is this just another bad decision in a lifetime of careless choices? Has she really changed at all?

Set in the striking and serene hills of southern Colorado, Julianna Keyes’ debut novel offers a sizzling and satisfying tale of unexpected chemistry and the power of second chances. Her characters will get under your skin and into your heart. Just once may not be enough for you either.

Julianna Keyes is a Canadian writer who has lived on both coasts and several places in between. She’s been skydiving, bungee jumping, and white water rafting, but nothing thrills—or terrifies—her as much as the blank page. She has volunteered in Zambia, taught English in China, and dreams of seeing pink dolphins in the Amazon. This is her first book.

Website | Twitter

Book Blitz: Cowboy Town by Kasey Millstead

Ever since her parents passed away in a tragic car accident, Eden Cross has been living a quiet, stable and predictable life in inner Sydney – the total opposite of her carefree, relaxed, happy-go-lucky past. Her parents passing and the fact she’s an only child meant Eden was left with her best friend, Jules and Matt, her boyfriend of three years as her only family. That was until she discovered something about Matt that would turn her life upside down. Eden leaves Sydney in a hurry and begins an adventure that takes her across four Australian states before she lands in Pine Creek, Northern Territory.

Jackson Henley has lived in Pine Creek his entire life. He runs a massive cattle and cropping station with his twin brother, Jeremy, which they inherited when their parents retired. He’s had a bad experience with relationships courtesy of The Bitch - Dannika, so lately he’s preferred to play the field. That is, until he comes face to face with the stunning brunette beauty who’s behind the bar at the Cow and Calf. The problem is, she won’t tell him her name, she won’t give him the time of day, and she won’t give him a chance to prove himself.

What’s it going to take for Eden to give Jackson a chance? Does he have the patience to even bother fighting for her? How will he handle the competition?

In the end, will Jackson have what it takes to convince Eden to start living again, instead of just existing?

“Hey, gorgeous, can I get another beer?” I turn my attention from the one-man show and spot Luke, the guy who was here yesterday, and he’s waving an empty glass at me.

“Sure thing,” I reply. I grab a glass and pull his beer, hand it to him, take his money and return his change.

“So, Dory’s put ya to work, has she?”

“Just helping her out for tonight,” I smile, then sweep my gaze along the bar checking that no one needs refills. It’s during this exercise that I spot the man who has just walked in. My breath gets caught in my throat as I watch him take a seat at the bar. I see his lips move and he’s smiling at people but it’s too loud to hear what he’s saying. I’m captivated. He’s utterly gorgeous. The epitome of Cowboy Hot. His hair is dark and his jaw is square. His body is built – broad across the shoulders and narrowing slightly at his hips. He spots someone across the bar and hands them a fully-fledged, bright white, straight-toothed smile. My breath leaves me in a whoosh, and then catches again as what has to be his twin slides onto the stool beside him. Oh my fucking god.

I’ve got a job to do. I have to pull it together. It’s not like I’ve never been in contact with good looking guys before. I worked in one of Sydney’s hottest bars for four years for fuck’s sake. I mentally slap myself across the face and tell myself to pull it together. Then I walk across to where they’re sitting and set about getting their order.

“What’ll it be, boys?” I ask in my most relaxed I’m-not-affected-by-you-at-all voice.

Hotty One unashamedly rakes his gaze over my body. Slowly. So slowly, I feel my blood start to heat – just from him looking at me. I must be going mad. Perhaps it’s the heat up here. I’m not used to it all. I really should have worn some linen shorts instead of jeans.

“You, later,” he winks suggestively when he finally pulls his eyes to mine. Now, don’t get me wrong – the wink was hot. Fucking hot. It was the way he said it that turned me off. You know those guys that can get anyone they want? Yeah, they’re not so bad. It’s the ones who can get anyone they want, and they know it, and they show it – that’s the turn off. Just with that line, Hotty One has shown me he’s a player, unfaithful, untrustworthy and most definitely not the kind of guy I want to get involved with – in bed, or out of. But, as a woman, I’d rather die than have him know how he affected me, so I tilt my head to the side, smile my cheeky smile and say, “Not tonight, handsome. Or ever. Drink?”

* I'm 29 years old

* I've been married to my husband Troy for 10 years and together we have 4 children - Zach, Jovi, Demi & Cruz.

* I live in a small country town in NSW, Australia

* I LOVE to read and write

* I LOVE to bake

* I LOVE socializing

* My friends laugh at me because I will talk to anyone, anywhere. It's funny now but it wasn't so funny for my mum when she had to drag me away from strange homeless people at the train station when I was little, and I may or may not have been going to go in crop dusting plane with a man I'd just met when I was about 4!!

* I read fiction until I was 11 years old. After that I read non-fiction, true crime, bio's etc. When my son Jovi drowned in 2011, I found I couldn't bring myself to read non fiction anymore - it was too "real". Fifty Shades was dominating the media so I got myself a copy and I'm not ashamed to say I read all three of those books at least ten times each. They allowed me to forget my reality for a little while. Then I decided that I was going to follow my dreams and write. I wanted to show my children that just because their brother died, didn't mean they did or our family did. I want them to reach for the stars and chase their dreams, and the best way to do that is to lead by example!

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Google+

Cover Reveal: Come Undone by Mila Hale

Tattooed Rock Star ... need I say more??  
Check out this cover for debut release Come Undone by Mila Hale

Title: Come Undone

Author: Mila Hale

Expected Release Date: December 3, 2013
Genre: New Adult Contemporary 
Cover reveal organized by: Shh Moms Reading

The daughter of a rock legend, Layla Prince doesn’t want to be involved in the music scene. She grew up around it, and it’s caused her nothing but heartbreak. But when her roommate, and self-professed Sensible Overdrive groupie, begs her to go to one of the band’s local shows, Layla agrees. After all, it’s just one night. Just a few hours and then she can return to finals and trying to come up with an excuse to stay the hell away from home this summer.

But the moment Jude Logan, Sensible Overdrive’s gorgeous front man, does his customary pull-an-audience-member-on-stage move, Layla is screwed. Because he picks her, and when he shoves a mic under her lips, she messes up—instead of telling him to piss off, she sings. And Jude discovers that she's exactly what he's been looking for.

Now, Jude wants her. Not for his bed but for his band—at least until after the summer and he’s attracted a new label. Realizing this is the temporary escape she desperately needs, Layla agrees to spend summer break with Sensible Overdrive, but with a warning: her being with the band doesn’t mean she’s . . . "with" the band. Still, as much as she attempts to convince herself that she doesn’t give two effs about Jude, or his band, or who he screws, or the way he looks on stage without his shirt on, Layla finds herself being dragged into the very scene she’s tried so hard to stay away from. And though she and Jude have promised that their relationship is nothing but professional, the attraction between them is unavoidable, lyrical—and it’s too damn impossible to resist.

When the music is over, will Layla be able to go back to who she was, to life without Jude Logan? Or has she come completely undone?

COME UNDONE is a New Adult contemporary novel that's recommended for 17+. It will be released in December 2013.

Taken from Chapter One:

And as he walks closer to me, stepping on the panties and bras that have been tossed on the stage while saying something into the microphone—something that I don’t hear because my heartbeat seems so much louder than the screams of the crowd and Jude’s voice—I eat my words to Camille.

Sort of.

With his chin-length, dirty blond hair and a slight sheen of perspiration on his bare chest that only enunciates every tight muscle and every absurd superhero tattoo—that automatically drags my gaze over his abs and down to his V—Jude sure as hell looks dirty. But not in the bad way, not in the way that I need him to be.

Now that he’s standing so close, his green eyes full of hunger as he drags them over every inch of my body, I decide that even under the harsh stage lights, Jude Logan is every bit as beautiful as he is in the poster hanging lopsided over Camille’s bed. And, for a second, I can picture his hair falling into my eyes; his sweaty body naked and hard up against mine; those long fingers grasping at my hips, digging into my skin, instead of wrapped around a microphone.

Get it together, Layla, I tell myself. Get it together, get the hell off this stage, and for God’s sake, get laid so you can stop thinking about guys like this.

Smirking wickedly, Jude cocks his head to the side. He casts a look out at his audience, who erupts into cheers, before turning his attention back to me. “What’s your name?” he drawls into the microphone.

I don’t respond—can’t respond—so he leans closer to me so that his green eyes are level with mine. One side of his mouth lifts up, and even though I’ve always wanted to throat punch Camille when she swooned over guys with “crooked smiles,” that’s the only description that comes to mind when I look at Jude. A sexy, crooked smile. On a sexy, and most likely crooked, rock star.

Jude presses his lips against the middle of my ear, and I shiver as his mouth skims over the tiny metal hoop there. Oh hell, he's touching me. The crowd goes crazier just as fire coils around my stomach. I have never responded like this to a guy, and it knocks me off balance.

“Come on, gorgeous.” This time he doesn’t speak into the microphone but directly into my ear, his warm breath sending electricity from the nape of my neck down to the small of my back. “Let’s give ‘em a fucking show. You can do that, right?”

“Negative,” I say loud enough for him to hear me. He pulls away, surprised, and I repeat myself once more for clarification. “Ne-ga-tive.”

His gaze zeroes in on my mouth as I speak, and then his full lips form into a sensual, dramatic pout. He takes a few steps away from me before turning to grin at the crowd. “Tongue Ring is shy, so we’ll need to help her.” He winks at me as the lead guitar and drums start up. “Y’all know this one, right?”

Angrily, I curl my fingers into my palms as my brain struggles to identify the song. Not a Sensible Overdrive song but one by Adele—more specifically the one that my roommate last year played repetitively when her boyfriend came out and then dumped her. Jude makes his way back toward me, trying his best to be hesitant for the amusement of his fans as he holds out the microphone to me. I fully intend to tell him to go fuck off. And to be more original. Then, I’ll get off of this stage.

But then I hear the screams of someone from the front row yelling his name, offering him whatever he wants of her, desire to wipe the cockiness off of his face kicks in.

“Sure you don’t want to sing for me?” he urges in a low voice, stretching his arm out so that the mic nearly brushes my bottom lip.
I lower my eyes to the white rubber toes of his Converse and draw in a deep breath through my nose. I can do this. I can do this if only to prove a point to this infuriating, shirtless man.

“If you’re going to puke all over my—” Jude says mockingly, but I reach up and press my fingertips over his mouth, finally shutting him up.

“There’s a fire,” I begin.

When I finally lift my brown eyes back up to his, the shit-eating grin has completely vanished from his face.

If you liked this be sure to go and 'Like' Mila's Facebook page.  If she gets to 500 likes she'll release a second excerpt!!

Mila Hale, a self-proclaimed rock music addict, lives in the Southern portion of the United States with her family. When she's not writing about romance or reading, you can usually find her playing Just Dance (and she sorta sucks at it).

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Blog Tour: Breaking Nova by Jessica Sorensen

Today we get to share with you Breaking Nova by the incredibly talented Jessica Sorensen.  This story is both haunting and confronting - we follow Nova through a challenging journey as she deals with the impact of a significant loss.  Read on for more about this beautiful book.

Nova Reed used to have dreams-of becoming a famous drummer, of marrying her true love. But all of that was taken away in an instant. Now she's getting by as best she can, though sometimes that means doing things the old Nova would never do. Things that are slowly eating away at her spirit. Every day blends into the next . . . until she meets Quinton Carter. His intense, honey brown eyes instantly draw her in, and he looks just about as broken as she feels inside.

Quinton once got a second chance at life-but he doesn't want it. The tattoos on his chest are a constant reminder of what he's done, what he's lost. He's sworn to never allow happiness into his life . . . but then beautiful, sweet Nova makes him smile. He knows he's too damaged to get close to her, yet she's the only one who can make him feel alive again. Quinton will have to decide: does he deserve to start over? Or should he pay for his past forever?

For our guest post we asked Jessica for her thoughts on book titles and covers: how she goes about choosing a title and at what stage in the writing process she chooses; how involved she is in the cover design process and which one of her own is her favorite.  Here's what she had to say.

I think titles are very important. They can say so much about the story and I think it also helps grab a reader’s eye if it’s catchy enough. For me, I usually come up with the title in the beginning stages of writing a story. But with Breaking Nova, I actually picked out the title before I even started working on the story, when it was just an idea. I’m usually a little ways in before I make a commitment, but this one popped into my head and considering the story is about Nova breaking apart and then rebuilding herself, I thought it fit perfectly.

I also think covers are extremely important and can help give readers a little insight to what the story is about. With my Indie titles, I’m lucky enough that my designer, the lovely Regina Wamba at Mae I Design, lets me give her ideas and she always does such a good job at capturing what I want. My all time favorite cover is one she designed. It’s the cover for The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden. When I asked her to do the cover, I simply said that there was this rain scene in the story between Callie and Kayden and I’d really like it if the cover could match it and that’s what she ended up creating :) 

There is definitely a theme to the Jessica Sorenson books I have read - damaged people struggling to find themselves, questioning their worth and whether they deserve happiness.  It is not a joyous theme and yet I have absolutely enjoyed reading her stories.  The despair and introspection from Sorenson's stories is a gentle reminder of the balance and harmony I have found in my own life and as a consequence I am thankful for what I have.

Breaking Nova is a difficult read.  There are many elements that people would ordinarily find offensive or too confronting to read but I think they are built into the story in a way that is credible and realistic, that does not glorify them but rather conveys the complexity, sadness and loneliness people feel when grappling with loss, grief and depression.  There is a lot of drug use in Breaking Nova; by a number of characters.  

Despite the painful journey I had with Nova,  I got to the end of her story with some hope for a brighter, more positive future.  Nova's experiences and circumstances have left her a shell of the person she used to be and she has struggled to find a healthy way to deal with her pain and grief.  Nova uses order, structure and numbers to numb herself from her pain and to quiet her brain.  But it isn't enough.

"... sometimes stuff happens and we find ourselves lost, and suddenly we're standing in a place we don't recognize and we're unsure how to get back or if we even want to."

Nova dabbles in the world of drug use as a means of finding some escape - but it only causes her to question things more, to seek greater clarity and control.  She recognises the temporary and transient nature of the escape drugs give and questions her ability to do things differently.  Haunted by elements from her past, constantly questioning whether her present would be different if she had done or said things differently Nova takes some chances, seemingly small on the surface, but monumental in terms of who she is, what she has experienced and who she may become.

Quentin Carter is a key factor in Nova's journey.  Carrying his own pain and guilt he has turned to regular drug use as a means of numbing himself.  Plagued by memories and regret Quentin has no real purpose or direction: in fact he believes he should be dead.  When Nova and Quentin meet they begin to question the way they are thinking, the choices they are making and there is the prospect that perhaps they can 'save' each other.  

There is nothing 'romantic' about Breaking Nova in the usual sense of the word.  I found the story challenging to read, because it is sad and the despair of all of the characters is a little overwhelming at times.  But it is beautifully written and Nova's character is incredibly strong.  I really liked her and appreciated her struggle and the choices that she made.

I was happy with the ending in Breaking Nova, I didn't feel like I was left hanging and wanting to know more and I was given enough to engage me in the books that are to come in the Nova series.  Even though there is the promise of more challenging stories to read in those books I will pick them up as I have an investment in the characters; a connection with them that has left me wanting to know what the next chapter in their story might be all of which is a testament to the way Breaking Nova is written.

4 out of 5 stars

The New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Jessica Sorensen, lives in the snowy mountains of Wyoming. When she's not writing, she spends her time reading and hanging out with her family.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads

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Release Day Blitz: Wicked Thing by Angeline Kace

Release Day!! Release Day!!  
Congratulations Angeline Kace on the release of
Wicked Thing!!

Carmyn Rafferty witnessed the aftermath of her mother's affair. She learned at a young age not to trust anyone. Especially not your spouse. So she's planned. She's planned every detail of her life: who her husband will be, what their careers will be, what their lives will be like. All to avoid the pain of infidelity.

Dallas Brown lives a life all his own. He doesn't do relationships, he doesn't care what anyone thinks of him, and he doesn't live up to anyone's expectations but his own.

When Carmyn's fiancé cheats on her, it sends her into a whirlwind of one-night stands with the most infamous player on campus. She can't seem to stay away from this tough guy and his dangerous motorcycle. Everything about him is the complete opposite of who she'd planned to fall in love with: tattoos, dark stubble along his jawline, and hair that brushes his shoulders.

As Dallas and Carmyn begin to fall deeper and deeper into each other, they learn that love can truly be a wicked, wicked thing.

Angeline is a Scorpio living in the Rocky Mountains with her husband and dogs. She loves all things paranormal, believes ghosts are real, werewolves aren't, and vampires? Definitely real! At least in the Vampire Born world they are.

Website | Facebook | Facebook Fan Page
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One lucky winner will receive a WICKED THING charm bracelet with 6 charms. They will also receive a Dirty Dancing blu-ray and some candy. This contest is international.