Saturday, January 5, 2013

My review of Up to Me by Michelle Leighton

I was spinning after reading this book. Down to You was awesome and one of my favorite reads from 2012, however Up to Me is twice as good and boy does she deliver. 

Down to You is definitely an introduction compared to Up to Me. In Up to Me, Olivia is still unsure about her feelings towards Cash. Deep down I know she loves him but is so terrified of falling into old habits with the "bad" boys. At the end of Down to You I knew Cash was more than just a bad boy. There was a lot more to him than just that. We get to see his protective side towards Olivia and what he is willing to do to keep her safe.

Michelle takes us on an adventure. We gain a lot of insight into the organization his father was involved with and there are a crap load of twists and turns along the way.

I had several "Oh crap" moments. I was never expecting things to happen that happened. Never! I have NEVER been so surprised in a book before. I was messaging Michelle right after with, "what just happened?" Never saw it coming...

The dialogue between Cash, Olivia and Marissa is particularly funny. I laughed out loud I don't know how many times! One in particular she says," makes my butt pucker." I seriously cracked up several times throughout the book. However, there were also several sweet and tender moments that made me love Cash even more. 

We are introduced to new characters who frankly need, no MUST have a book of their own as well as a character you couldn't stand in the last book and end up liking. 

One of the last "moments" between Cash and Olivia is an OMG. I specifically commented on how absolutely perfect it was and if I could trade places with Olivia I would have in a New York minute. It was absolute perfection. The steam between Olivia and Cash is beyond boiling and boy does she give us some great scenes.

How she does it I will never know. Michelle is truly amazing. It's been a week since I finished and I am still thinking & reeling about it. The only booger of it all is the wait for book 3 which I will be chewing my nails in anticipation for. One of the BEST series out there!!