Friday, June 7, 2013

Cover Update: Sweet Thing by Renee Carlino

Tami has not made any secret of the fact that Sweet Thing is one of her favourite books for the year so far and it's had a little face lift that we'd love to share with you.  Despite both being coffee lovers and both loving the original cover, we think this one is definitely gorgeous!!

Mia Kelly is a twenty-five-year-old walking Gap ad who thinks she has life figured out when her father’s sudden death uproots her from slow-paced Ann Arbor to New York City’s bustling East Village. There she discovers her father’s spirit for life and the legacy he left behind with the help of an old cafĂ©, a few eccentric friends, and one charming musician.
Will Ryan is good-looking, poetic, spontaneous, and on the brink of fame when he meets Mia, his new landlord, muse, and personal heartbreaker.
A story of self-discovery and friendship, Sweet Thing shines light on the power of loving and letting go.

5 out of 5 stars

Sometimes you read a book that touches something in you and leaves a lasting mark. Sweet Thing was one of those books for me. It's been a while since a book moved me to tears or had me walking away from my Kindle in frustration. Sweet Thing did both of those things.  
Sweet Thing is Mia's story. Mia was so incredibly 'together' and yet so startingly confused that I was torn between loving and hating her. She frustrated me, she inspired me and ultimately she won me over as she struggled to understand her true place in the world. A talented musician with a business degree, Mia moves to New York following her father's sudden death. Her plan is to run his cafe for a while until she figures out how to put her business degree to good use and give her life some purpose and direction.  
On the flight to New York Mia meets Will Ryan - a handsome and talented musician with a loving and spontaneous nature - like Mia's father in so many ways. I have to say right now that Will was amazing. His passion for music, his belief in himself and the people he loved, his tolerance of Mia as she struggled with her feelings for him were all just beautiful.  
As Mia grieves "Pops" loss, she struggles to uncover who she is and what she wants from life and love. Her pain, confusion and frustration were so vividly depicted by Carlino that my heart hurt for Mia. I alternated between wanting to take her and shake her until her head rattled or wrap her in one of those make the world stop hurting hugs. Her journey is intense, sad and yet uplifting as she learns to trust her heart. 
The group of friends that surround Mia are a wonderful mix of just what she needs: eccentric, talented, supportive, confronting ... I could go on but I think you get the picture. Collectively they watch as Mia grieves and they intervene when she needs them most. There are words of wisdom from Martha in particular that are thought provoking and inspiring.  
you have to teach your heart and mind how to sing together ... then you'll hear the sound of your soul.
From the outset Mia seems set on a life that doesn't embrace her creativity and musical talent. There is no doubt that her parents failed marriage and the distinct differences between her mother and father have influenced her perspective on how to have a 'successful' life, but it is astonishing that she so completely discounts what is a significant part of who she is and it is this that presents the most challenging internal conflict for Mia. Martha (again) provides food for thought as Mia grapples with life:  
You are your mother and your father. You are your experiences and your fears and the love you let yourself feel. You are your degree and your talent and your passion. You are your pain, your joy and your fantasies. You are me and Sheil and Jenny and Will and every person that touches your soul ... but most of all you are you, whoever you dream that to be. 
Her connection with Will is unquestionable, and yet Mia does question it constantly. As he begins to find his own place in the music world Mia fears that his success will take him away from her and shatter her heart all over again.
Sweet Thing was almost painful - Mia's journey was slow and sometimes I was frustrated with her indecision and inability to take that leap of faith, but really, it couldn't be any other way. Will was passionate, patient and forgiving, but still managed to maintain his integrity and strength. Together, their journey was authentic, inspiring and I absolutely loved Sweet Thing.

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