Sunday, June 30, 2013

In the Spotlight: Dazed by Nikki Palomino

When artiste extraordinaire and grunge rocker, Eric Peterson, returns home after living on the Portland streets, he finds most things unchanged, except for one thing. His best friend, Kevin, has moved on to another relationship, causing negativity and pain to resurface in Eric's short, angry, inspired life. Desperate, Eric will stop at nothing to secure a blast of smack, and fellow art student, Brian, tries to help, seeing that Eric's pain might extinguish his artistic brilliance. When Eric finds DAZED, he gives up the drugs cold turkey and climbs brutally through the nightmarish world of addiction. Eric's journey leads to self-discovery, love and passion, and a triumphant survival in a world that hates junkies and fags. 

CONTENT ADVISORY: There are mentions of a close MF relationship as well as several MM encounters with varying partners.

5 out of 5 stars

I don't know how to describe my feelings throughout this amazing story other than awe of the writing and story itself. This story was amazingly unique describing the life of Eric Peterson a talented artist, an amazing guitarist, writer and junkie with two inches. Eric left home (was kicked out) and lived on the streets of Portland for a year (the writer describes his feelings and actions as though you were there with him) what he dealt with and lost. Then he's back home and dealing with daily life; school, a loveless mother and a father that's not around but the worst for Eric is his relationship with his best friend Kevin. Eric turns to drugs for relief as he always did, he can't figure out his life so he refers to David Bowie's advice. I could not put this book down once I started it (up till 3am) The author draws you into Eric's life, I felt a part of it, I felt sad and hurt for him, I wanted to hug him, hold him, love him. The story continues with Eric meeting Brian a fellow art student, starting a grunge band (Dazed) having gigs, being on the top of the world but feeling at the bottom and his journey of self discovery and recovery. I absolutely loved this story, it was amazingly written and is totally unique. I can't wait for book 2.

As a runaway, from the streets of NYC to the Strip of L.A., Nikki spent her youth as a grunge punk rock musician, racking up the confusion, frustration and passion and leading her to write DAZED (The Story of a Grunge Rocker), the first in a series of novels about the drug and music culture of the '90s. She learned life, drugs, and alternative music touring in a van packed with the rest of the band, equipment, and groupies, playing infamous clubs like CBGB's.

In 2003, Nikki was named Writer's Digest's Best Genre Short Story Writer. She's written stories for print rags, including Nightmares and Blonde on Blonde and has written erotica for Foggy Windows as well as covering rock and country music for various rags, including Los Angeles Country Examiner, Buddy Magazine and Blast. She has studied under feature writers at both the Houston Chronicle and the Houston Post.

Nikki was co-writer and co-producer of Palomino Productions' 2004 film noir, Baby, and the award-winning dark comedy from 2007, The Rug, later a TV pilot entitled, Our Way of Life, originally for Fox. She is currently working on the second in the DAZED series and an upcoming series of novels entitled The Underground Diaries.