Saturday, August 31, 2013

In the Spotlight: Solstice by Debbie Christiana

Today we are shining a spotlight on Solstice by Debbie Christiana.

Time is running out for Armend Zogu. The 250-year-old family curse on his head will claim his life on his 30th birthday, the winter solstice.

Sofia Palmalosi might be just the Strega who can save him. A descendant of a long line of powerful Italian witches, her family’s magic was a gift from the Goddess Diana.

Together Sofia and Armend embark on a journey from New York, to Sicily and the ancient ruins of Diana’s temple, and back to New York, all the while fighting a battle of magic and wits with a psychopath who wants them both dead and the curse intact.

If the curse doesn't kill Armend, breaking it just might.

Sofia and Armand's story is full of mystery and magic. This story is very unique and intriguing. Armand's family curse has followed him throughout his life and time seems to be running out. 

In comes Sofia a very powerful Strega witch who might be the only person to save him.

I enjoyed the two characters getting to know each other, the trust between them and the lust. I liked Sofia's family and also Armand's uncle who is up to his neck in secrets and knows more about how to solve the curse then he's letting on....the story keeps you interested and trying to figure out what's next....very intriguing story ....

- Debbie Christiana - 
Paranormal Author Curious tales of love, magic and mystery.

Christiana would sit in her room as a little girl and write stories about ghosts, unexplained events and things that go bump in the night. She combined her love of the paranormal with her fascination of unusual love stories and decided to write paranormal romance. She has two novels published by Black Opal Books, Twin Flames, a paranormal love story and SOLSTICE, a romantic suspense. In February 2012, her vampire short story, Debbie is a member of RWA and Secretary of the Romance Writers Chapter of Connecticut and Lower New York. She lives in Connecticut with her husband and three children.

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