Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cover Reveal of Blood Sake by Leigh Songstad

I LOVE doing cover reveals. It's your very first peak into a new book. It gives you your first small glimpse into it. But it's just enough to give you something to wet your appetite and give you something to look forward to.....

Without Further ado I give you.......................................

In the secret world of the Fae, forbidden soul mates find themselves at the mercy of two Kings who are determined to destroy one another.

Born from the ashes of illusion, Chastin and Ariana’s love becomes the catalyst of an endless war. As time becomes their enemy, destiny becomes their only hope. Will they be able to overcome the barriers that could irrevocably shatter this eternal love?
Purely cosmic and absolutely electrifying, Blood Sake lights up its pages with magical folklore that captivates its readers and leaves everyone asking for more.