Thursday, December 20, 2012

Lila Felix, Author of LOVE & SKATE makes a pit stop on her Blog Tour!!!

Lila asked me what I wanted to do for my day on the blog tour. My answer of course was to see her dream cast and see who she envisioned as Nellie & Owen. 

I LOVED this book which I'm pretty sure everyone know's by now.

Not only do I have pictures as to whom Lila envisions as her dream cast but she also included a picture of Nellie's dress.

This is Nellie, she is rocking the awesome purple hair! She is PERFECT as Nellie!

Here is the ever hottie Owen, not too shabby eh?

Nellie's wedding dress, which I think is absolutely beautiful and so totally Nellie!!

My review of Love & Skate

I was fortunate enough to get an ARC of the highly anticipated book Love and Skate by the awesome Lila Felix. I read this in under 4 hours. Now I am a fast reader but for me not to ever move from one spot is surely saying something.
I like ALLOT of books and I LOVE allot of books. However, there are not allot of them that I can say that have such relate able characters in them. 
Nellie is a hard core skater, something myself I have always wanted to do and never did. Skaters seem to me to be so bad ass. Take the bad assness of skating for lack of a better word, if it even is one and you have a girl who is herself with no exceptions. Blue hair and piercings she is who she is and doesn't apologize for it. Nor should she. But that's just the exterior. Who she is in the inside is a vulnerable but sweet, loyal, caring, honest and beautiful person. I LOVED her and completely identified with her. She is flawed but perfectly flawed if that makes any sense.
Owen is my dream guy in every sense of the word rolled into a complete package. Tall, muscular, tattooed with piercings and that's just the beginning. He is also loyal, sweet, kind and that's only the beginning. He has his flaws but it's the normal kind that any regular person experiences. But when he loves, he loves hard! 
That is what makes this book so perfect. The characters are not perfect and in my head where the story was taking place I could see and visualize it. That is what makes a perfect story and a good story teller. This is a story that everyone will read and see a little something in themselves in.

For me this is now my favorite book that Lila has ever written...

To purchase Love & Skate: link