Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Blog Tour Stop: How it Rolls by Lila Felix Falcon's 10 Favorite Things & Review

Falcon's 10 Favorite Things:

1. Favorite Band: Right this minute? M83 because Reed made me go see Warm Bodies and the song Midnight City is in it.

2. Favorite Movie: I'm gonna give you 2. 80's: Ferris Bueller's Day off Modern: The Hobbit

3. Favorite Food: Bourbon chicken from this place down the road called Crouching Dragon.

4. Favorite Drink: I'm hooked on cherry limeade right now.

5. Favorite Color: *rubs his stripe and smiles* Orange

6. Favorite Tattoo: I just got a new one but you're gonna have to wait for Down 'N' Derby to see what it is

7. Favorite Book: Reed is reading little snippets of Pride and Prejudice to me at night, sounds ok.

8. Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving, you know my mom, right?

9. Favorite TV show: The Following and the Americans

10: Favorite Pet: Our hedgehog, Oak, again...wait for Down 'N' Derby

My review of How it Rolls

 How it Rolls was a book I was highly anticipating. Was it worth the wait and did it exceed my expectations? Oh yeah and so much more...

I adored Falcon from Love & Skate and couldn't wait for his story. Falcon is absolutely perfect. He is the care taker of the family. Nellie's best friend and the "suit" of the family. He rocks is awesome Mohawk while wearing converse shoes and his suit. Yes an actual suit, not his birthday suit. Get your head out of the gutter.

Reed is a beautiful, orange haired and too thin girl who catches Falcon's eye quickly. Reed is hiding a few secrets that she is embarrassed and not ready to spill.
True to the Black Family way they take Reed into their home and into their hearts. Reed finds a family that she hasn't known in a long time.
However, nothing is ever perfect when there are secrets involved...

Lila's books are a breath of fresh air. There aren't a lot in this genre being written anymore. How awesome is it that you can always trust to know that her books are suitable for the YA audience? From page 1 she grabs your attention and you have to make yourself put it down. I know I must sound like a broken record because I say this every dang time. She sets the scene and you live it with these characters. I am invested in the Black family and will follow them wherever they may lead.

Let's see who is reading these posts... The first 5 people to comment below will receive a signed book mark  by Lila Felix! ;)

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