Thursday, February 28, 2013

Heather's Big Thank You Giveaway!!

I started blogging almost 6 months ago for several reasons. One I have ALWAYS had a mad love of books and two everyone always asked me what I was reading. I never go anywhere without my kindle and it's always attached to my hip. Literally. In fact I have 2. I wanted to share my love of not only the books I love but the incredible talent of the Author's themselves and this became the forum in which for me to do it.

 I love running a blog and it's the best thing I ever started. However, it is time consuming and you need to put 100% in to it. I also never want to compromise. Which is why I have decided to take on guest reviewers who will be posting book  reviews on the Into the Night Reviews blog. I never want to turn anyone away and I want to make sure that you get as many reviews on all of these books as much as possible.

The best part about this whole experience is the many, many life long friends I have met along the way. I wanted to celebrate big. So celebrate we will!!

So I decided to run a HUGE Heather's Big Thank You Giveaway. Two celebrations in one. A thank you to my followers as well as celebrating my almost 6 month blog birthday.  I was too excited to wait until tomorrow and decided to start the celebrating early. If you notice I also included paperbacks on books that haven't been released yet...  ;) USA only. Sorry

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