Saturday, March 2, 2013

My Awesome Guest Reviewer Marcia Woodell-Her review of Beautifully Broken by Amanda Bennett

Ok first and foremost writing reviews isn't my forte, I get nervous and always think I won't give the book/author justice but I will try my best.Description: Heart-wrenching and an Emotional rollarcoaster ride.
This story is about 2 childhood friends who have been through everything imaginable together, always have had each other's backs no matter what life threw at them. Gray & Bennett's feelings start to deepen for each other more with each passing year. Both Gray and Bennett tend to ignore it or hide from it instead of facing it headfirst. There were times where I wanted to Scream or Slap em' both upside their heads to see if some sense would get knocked into these two. Gray and Bennett made things quite difficult at times for one another when it needn't be. They both spend more time hurting or running away from the other than loving each other like there's no tomorrow. Gray & Bennett both know from personal experience life is too short so they should Embrace their love and live life to the fullest. Even though there were times I felt their anguish or got teary-eyed I just couldn't help myself from turning the page to see if these two Heartbroken Soulmates would get it right. Gray & Bennett have been through life's wringer in more ways than one. I Wanted Gray & Bennett to put their stubbornness aside. I Needed them to get their Happiness they so Truly Deserved. Now I can't help but Want/Need the sequel so that I may find out if Gray & Bennett can have their Happily Ever After!!!! 4 stars