Monday, March 4, 2013

Review: Nowhere to Run by Nina D'Angelo-Review by Tami Norman

Let me start by saying how excited I am that Heather has let me join Into the Night as a guest reviewer - I just hope I do her justice!

My first review is for Nowhere to Run by Nina D'Angelo - who happens to be a fellow Aussie (I almost feel like I need to declare a conflict of interest because that's enough for me to already think she's awesome!!).

Nowhere to Run centre's around Stephanie Carovella, an investigative journalist. Intelligent, driven and fiercely loyal Stephanie will do whatever it take to keep those she loves safe, including walking away from everything and everyone she loves.

Having left her life in L.A. behind without so much as a goodbye to a number of her friends, Stephanie reluctantly returns following the brutal murder of one of her closest friends. Before Stephanie can identify who is responsible others are killed in startlingly similar circumstances and Stephanie is forced to acknowledge that she is central to the deaths mounting up around her.

Nowhere to Run is an outstanding “who dunnit”- the entire time I was reading I was wracking my brain trying to identify who the bad guy was. There were so many possibilities and just when I thought I had it, a new piece of information would present itself and I be looking for a new suspect.

The supporting cast adds great value to the story. I particularly liked Gena Evans, the gritty LAPD Detective with a love/hate relationship with Stephanie. Despite the fire and venom that only good female friends can generate, they are loyal and as Jake points out to Gena at one point "when the going gets tough, you two unite and you're one hell of a formidable team". 

There is a good mix of mystery and romance in the story - not only are you trying to work out who the killer is, but you're wondering what is going to happen in the relationship stakes for the characters. The murders are rather gruesome, with fairly detailed descriptions provided of the injuries inflicted on the victims. If you're at all squeamish you may not enjoy those parts, but it is fairly important detail in establishing the psychological profile of the killer. 

Nowhere to Run caught my interest early and kept me hooked - right to the end.   Nina D'Angelo cleverly sets up the second book "Nowhere to Hide" in the Epilogue, and I for one, will be looking to read the next book in the Stephanie Carovella series.

4 out 5 stars