Monday, March 11, 2013

1st Annual Woodstock Indie Author Meet & Mingle 2013

To start, this is one of the best signings that I have had the honor of being a part of. It went seamlessly thank the Lord above. It was what the title said. You weren't rushed and you were able to sit, gush and have a conversation. Michelle Leighton even said that this was one of the best signings that she had ever been too. That is high praise, let me tell you. 

To the fantastic fans that came out, you all are AMAZING!! Several came from Tennessee and North Carolina and South Carolina. It was a pleasure to meet you all!

No joke, it was a blast!! A few things about these fantastic Author's ...

Katie Ashley, my fabulous friend and tat sister. We always laugh and I do mean always. You are the sweetest thing eva and my southern magnolia. I love you and always look forward to our Friday Girl's Night!! 

Michelle Leighton my fantastically goofy friend, is as goofy as I am and is up for anything. You are just as genuine and sweet as I remembered and I adore you! Plus, you said I was funny. That is HUGE!

Jenn Foor, there just aren't enough words. I like to think you came down to GA for me. You didn't, but we can pretend. I love you, true story!!

AC Marchman, you are the epitome of easy going and kindness. You have the love of everyone and are adored by all.

JB McGee, your a doll. People were so happy to see you and I'm so glad I finally got to meet you my fellow GA girl!

Nichole Chase, you are one classy lady. You say what's on your mind and you don't mince words and I love that about you!

Sarah Ross, you are such a funny, cool chick and I am so glad to have finally met and HUG you!!

SR Johannes, we didn't get to chat long but I look forward to getting to know you in the future and you give good hugs!

Michelle Muto, woman there aren't enough nice things that could be said about you. You are such an easy person to talk to and one of the best people I know!

Next year Indie Author's will be rocking Woodstock, GA once again. It will be bigger & better so stay tuned...

Here are just a few highlights of the weekend!!

Yeah, I put it up, squished face and all... 

To all of the Author's who attended, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. It was a success and a blast because of you all!! HUGE, LOVE to you all!!