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Blog Stop & Giveaway: For You by Mimi Strong

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I should have known by the tattoos that Sawyer was trouble. My mother always said to stay away from boys with ink, but she ignored her own advice. She also abandoned me and my little sister.

Life's been hard for the two of us, on the run and on our own, but I just turned twenty-one and started working at a bar in a new city. I wear a fake wedding band and a veil of lies.

My gold ring didn't stop Sawyer. He looked into me with his heavenly green eyes, and I nearly forgot my pretty lies. Now he wants to help me get my life together.

I should stay away, because he could blow my cover. When we get found—and I know one day we will—I want my sister to be old enough to handle the truth about our past.

I may be hanging out with Sawyer, but we're definitely not dating. I swear, he's not setting me on fire with every glance or casual touch. We're just friends. I'm not thinking about him wrapping those tattooed arms around me, every second of every day.

Book 1 in the Runaway Lies Trilogy. New Adult Contemporary Romance.


For You by Mimi Strong

Aubrey the main character will do anything it takes to protect her daughter . The writer grabs you in to Aubrey's life and makes you feel all sorts if emotions. I felt mad that she had such a terrible mother (I would like to call her something worse but not appropriate) , I felt sad that she until she meets her grandparents and uncle she was a alone, single mother raising  her daughter. I felt Aubrey was the strongest person for going through everything she did  to protect her daughter.  

In walks Sawyer Jones a sexy as hell tatooed artist whose trying to make decisions about his life.  He can't seem to stay away from  Aubrey even though she's cold to him but can't stop checking him out and wanting what she thinks she can't have.  Sawyer longs for Aubrey  he tries his best to woo her, make her laugh or talk to him but at first its a struggle. I enjoyed the back and forth banter  between Aubrey and Sawyer. I felt this guy would be perfect for Aubrey but as the story continues you learn some sad, scary secrets that Aubrey keeps hidden and you can't help but understand her reluctance of staying away from Sawyer.  As the story continues Sawyer reaches in and touches the soul of Aubrey and even though she pulls away, is hot and cold  towards him , he won't give up and Aubrey doesn't want him to. Sawyer and Aubrey make decisions that will effect the rest of their lives for the better. I felt the writer captured the hardship Aubrey went through and felt she also captured the feelings Aubrey and Sawyer had for each other. Sweet story of loneliness, sadness, happiness and love. 



Sawyer came bounding in the door, one hand behind his back with something.
“What are you up to?” I asked warily.
“Close your eyes.”
I closed my eyes and rested my forearm over my face for good measure.
Something cool touched my chest, between my breasts.
“What is that?” Something smelled sweet. “Honey?”
I heard his jeans rustling as he removed them, then he positioned his body between my legs and began to lick in a line straight up my stomach.
“Mm,” he said. “Real maple syrup.”
I giggled. “You're kidding.”
“We call this The Canadian, don'cha-know, eh?”
“You just made that up.”
“I was inspired.” He moved his hot lips closer to my throat, then took a detour over to my nipple, which he rounded with the tip of his tongue before sucking.
I moaned and squirmed beneath him, but he wouldn't let me get away.
He murmured, “Am I your part-time lover?”
He frowned and gently bit my nipple. “Am I your part-time lover?” he asked again. “Or your full-time lover?”
“Oh. No, you're my full-time lover.”
“Good. You can open your eyes now,” he said.

Mimi Strong
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