Thursday, May 2, 2013

Blog Tour Stop: Stay with Me by AC Marchman


Allie Marshall, PA student, and Dr. Donovan Callahan have overcome such intense drama in their short relationship. Dealing with thoughts of Claire, his ex who sits in jail for murdering her husband, to Allie's secret past, has been extremely stressful. From the day they met, it has been hot and heavy; both of them giving into their wants and needs. The pair have thrown caution to the wind and ...just went with their hearts. All seems well, finally, and Allie is letting go of her insecurities, which could ultimately threaten to be her downfall. That is, until someone from Donovan's past decides to make a surprise and unwelcome appearance at a wedding the couple attends. A shocking announcement is made that will force Allie to question everything about Donovan-- his honesty, his character, even his feelings for her. Will this be the final straw, or will this be a test of strength of their feelings for each other?

Donovan's Top Ten Things:

Fav tattoo: I don't have any tats, but if I did, I would get my grandfather's name with his birthday and the day he passed away on my bicep.

Fav car: Gotta love my silver BMW

Fav food: Good question.  Pretty much anything that qualifies as Southern comfort food.

Fav sexual position: Ha!  I'd have to say girl on top

Fav part of a woman's body: I know you think I should say the obvious, but actually, it's the eyes.

Fav alcoholic beverage: I know I should say wine, being that my father owns Callahan Vineyard, but I have to say it's an ice, cold Heinken.

Fav memory as a child:  That would have to be when my father and I would ride our horses to the lake on our property.  I was just a kid, so it was nice to have some one on one time with my dad. We would just sit and talk for hours.

Fav. moment with Allie:  There is way too many to name, but if it has to be just one, it was when I brought her back to my house after dinner at the Sun Dial.  My sister made my back porch into quite a romantic get up.  She put up white lights, set up a table with chocolate strawberries and the diamond pendant I bought her.  Plus, the sex afterwards was pretty damn awesome.

Fav. person ever: My baby sister Megan.  She's a pain in my ass sometimes, but she is always there for me and she never judges me.

Fav. sports team: Without a doubt, the Redskins.  My grandfather used to take me to a bunch of games when I was a kid.  We had a blast.