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Running about 7 bananas strong on shots from Hale and Oscar Maree’s wedding bar, what happened between Landon Grace and Sher Traifere was supposed to be a one time thing.  A quickie on a romantic night.  Sher wanted a fast evening of fireworks to remember on the dull horizon of her life; Landon wanted to get his mind off his psycho ex by feeling Sher’s curves.  By the end of the evening, a secret of Sher’s complicates Landon’s attempt to escape the girl’s chainsaw giggle. 

Some one-night-stands just can’t be finished in one night. 

Even more complicating, this one rises back up with a hard shot of morning sickness and an entire repertoire of questions.  The most important being:  how much pull does a guy really have in a woman’s choice to pursue or terminate a pregnancy?

And in this case, how clever can he be about stealing her pants?


Full of Grace is the companion book to Hale Maree by Misty Provencher.  It tells the story of Landon Grace and Sher Traifere.  I hadn't read Hale Maree, where these two first meet, but in all honesty it didn't detract from my enjoyment or understanding of the story.
Full of Grace is told from Landon's perspective and deals with the issue of an unplanned pregnancy.  Landon and Sher have what both initially consider as a one night stand, but then Landon's perspective is changed when he learns more about Sher's 'history' and Sher discovers she is pregnant.
I loved the premise of this story - an unplanned pregnancy and the rights of both parents to be involved in the decision to terminate.  I could feel the turmoil both characters were dealing with: Landon, a brother to five sisters and raised by a single mum, determined to be there for his child and Sher and willing to do whatever it takes to convince her to keep the baby.  On the other hand, Sher, also raised by a single mum with multiple siblings from different fathers, is desperate not to be her mother all over again, devastated that she hasn't yet had the opportunity to live her life and terrified of the long term consequences of being a teenage mum.
As I said, I hadn't read Hale Maree, so I didn't have any background to the relationship between Landon and Sher, but there was clearly chemistry between the two of them.  Yes, their initial encounter was somewhat alcohol fuelled, but the way Landon talks/thinks about Sher conveys so much more than a meaningless one night stand.
The two must come to grips with the pregnancy and it's consequences for their future.  They must also determine what they have together, when really they know next to nothing about each other:
"I realize that I'm every bit as stupid as she's thinking I am, even if not for the same reasons.  I have no idea what Sher's last name is.  I don't know a damn thing about her, except that she's got skin like the underbelly of a baby rabbit and she's carrying my baby - for the moment.  We came together for maybe ten minutes total and it began this whole weird elbow pipe of our lives as strangers.  What a mess."
Landon was just gorgeous, his determination to have Sher hear his side of things had me chuckling regularly and his slowly dawning realisation that there was more to his feelings than just the thought of the baby in Sher's belly was a delight to read.  They have moments where you think "this is it, they'll be OK now":
"For one second, the world freezes.  There is only Sher staring into my eyes.  Me, staring back.  Our connection is beyond physical, it's even more than the link of a baby growing in her belly.  It's my soul and hers, grazing fingertips over one another."
And then something would happen that would set them back almost to where they started.  Despite that, Landon was persistent, consistent and so loveable I really don't know how Sher could resist him:
"She's the wild card and how she plays her hand will still determine my entire life, whether I like it or not.  I should hate her, but instead, I've tracked her down and now I just want to sit here, pretending none of it happened, and watch her sleep."
Landon and Sher's story is beautifully written.  There are complexities to the story that have them questioning what the pregnancy means for both their individual and collective futures.  Underlying the fear and uncertainty there is a slowly developing connection with each other that promises them great things:
"This one moment, in my bed beside her, is whole.  Warm and safe and invicible, it feels like a beginning  And if I were able to lay beside her like this every day of my life, I think the end would feel as complete." 

I loved this book.  I sat up late to finish reading it because I just had to know the outcome.  It is not long and while some reviews have commented it wasn't long enough, I was very satisfied with where it finished.  I will also be adding Misty Provenchers other books to my TBR list.



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