Friday, May 10, 2013

Cover Reveal: Chase (Resisting Love) by Chantal Fernando and Dawn Martens

Chase (Resisting Love) by Chantal Fernando and Dawn Martens

Moving in with a guy you only met once? Stupid.

But for student Layla Crawford, this was reality.

Chase Jackson is a renowned playboy and self professed commitment phobe, that is until he meets Layla. Blinded by his intensity to have her, Chase will stop at nothing to make her his.  With a jealous ex and old conquests repeatedly making appearances, Chase's skeletons come out of the closet one by one, each one pushing Layla further and further away.  Layla is determined to keep her distance. Chase now has to convince the only woman he has ever wanted that he is worth the gamble.

Teaser (this is unedited and subject to change)  

“What’s your name beautiful?” I inwardly sighed. His voice was mesmerizing. Deep and sensual.
“Umm, I’m Layla.”
“ Layla, I’m Chase.” He spoke my name reverently, almost like he was tasting it on his tongue.
“Nice to meet you Chase.” I smiled coyly.
“Trust me, the pleasure it all mine. Countless women in this club, but fuck, for some reason I can’t keep my eyes off you.” His lip tugged down in a small frown as he said it, like he wasn’t sure why.
“I’m sure you say that to all the women.” I attempt to flirt.
“Perhaps I do, but this time I really mean it,” he replies huskily.
“Well, what are you going to do about it?” Holy hell did I really just say that?
A smile now tugged at the corner of his mouth.
“Well I was thinking about tasting those luscious red lips of yours.” His eyes search mine, gouging my reaction. Apparently finding what he was looking for, he continues.
“And I’m a man who usually get’s what he wants.” His grin was wicked.
“Then by all means...” I whisper seductively.
He runs his finger from my temple, brushes my hair back then grasps the back of my neck.
“I’m going to kiss you now Layla.” He whispers in my ear.